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Marquese NONSTOP Scott on the Ellen Show

by PoppingBattlez • 5,138,083 views

My Homie!!! Dragon House: Nonstop on the Ellen Show check out his youtube channels: WHZGUD and WHZGUD2

So does he run on Mac or pc?
Нереально крутое контролирование своего тела.
no me sorprende!! sus pasos son muy faciles.hay otros que son muy dificiles.
Didn't he look like he fell but fixed it?
317'broked their ankles lol
this guys is old skool new style! cant beat it!
He danced it better than in his original video, I saw the improvements.
Wow, amazing! Great job on getting through the the Ellen Show!
thanks to Ellen for recognizing this
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David Joseph Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
This guy rocks!! He's the main reason I'm still uploading vids on Youtube!
Meet the king of dubstep dance.
Because fuck you physics!
sankar roy Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
why can't i find the full interview?
65 people broke their ankles trying to dance like that LOL
I was one of them that watched :')
bro dope dubstep, am trying to learn dat shit, but i doubt dubstep is for big guys.
My computer is totally lagging. Oh whats that mom? Well damn... Yo Chuck (Norris) , I think, no I know I found a guy who is better than you at Dub Step.
@shiygirl16 Pumped Up Kicks - Foster The People
Why isnt that guy in Step Up?!? He is much better than others in those movies...
Love that first clip..never knew he was on Ellen lol. just sent first vid out telling my friends we need to learn dubstep. This guy's awesome.
his foot work is unrealistically amazing
@hayvn2312 if u havent notice, some sh** faggots just dislikes videos with no reasons.
1:26 this guy has all the balance in the earth
not sure if he's an E.T or just a robot...
Laypyu i can see cause they can like repeat then slo mo so i guess i can see
Which dubstep song is this from? I have been trying to find it forever! Thanks
@kingkiq There was a black guy and an asian girl. Check again.
it is like he is gliding across the floor
only us black people can dance d(-_-)b
He gets drunk then he dances like a BOZZ ?
@kingkiq Whole....and because how many black people watch ellen?
Who make Usher look stupid? This guy! XD
Why did one guy not stand up at 1:51 ? Must feel inadequate in dancing after that guy.
Ellen could have bought him a new shirt...
@UrbanMaoriDoxx Talk shit get hit.
If you wana see more of this guy look him up. Just type in Nonstop and you can find more of this guys dancing
Physics: "Im switching to Biology... to & fro..
Hey people who disliked the original: WATCH THIS AND SHUTUP
@kingkiq because black people can not spell whole
@queenstella2000 He's already been on that show. He's apart of the group "Remote Kontrol". They got alot of video's here on youtube.
@dUbstepSickmoves its the best part because i thought he was going to fall ;P
He's a robot sent from another planet!
its over 30million now dubstep is alive and kicking
you can tell he's kinda nervous
@kingkiq there is one black girl when they start to stand up :D
@darrellw82 word of mouth, sharing, and social media is a powerful, with moves likes those, it helps a bit :)
wow at 1:00 he looks just like a 3D animation lol
this style of dance really amazes me, im not one to watch dancing and all that but this just looks like its either done in really good CGI or had strings or something on him, really crazy what the human body can do. great job dude..
quick get him on so you think you can dance!
5million in one week? How does a vid get exposed so much like that
Has anyone seen his newest vid called Audio 911 that he did w/ Audio-Technica. So sick! He's amazing!!
@anthonymares1999 i am glad someone else noticed too,for me is enough proof his videos aren't fake as i have read in some by some.He feels every move he makes and he feels the music too.I used to brag about my dancing,after i saw him i simply shut my mouth:|
how in the hell can you dislike this stuff, simply amazing!!
Wow. Have never seen him before.
@ahuevodonvader THERE WAS ONE BLACK GUY... I SAW HIM...
does anyone he wears the same outfit alot.. . .he still cool doe!
I wanna see full interwiew with him :\
@MrJvalentine15 Just search for pumped up kids dubstep remix.
Why are we still impersonating obsolete robot models??
Take a look at him doing his thing on the Audio-Technica "Audio 911" amazing!
Wow from YouTube to Ellen ain't that a dream!!!!! Go marqueis Scott
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