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Thank you for your entries, 2021 submissions have officially closed. Winners will be announced in the Spring.

YouTube Works Award

YouTube Works Award

About the Awards

Over the last decade, marketers have redefined how they communicate with consumers. From the heartwarming to the heartracing - and everything in-between, YouTube has seen how incredible digital content can drive equally powerful results.

The YouTube Works Awards— in partnership with Kantar—celebrate and champion the brilliant minds producing the most innovative and effective campaigns on YouTube in the past year.


  • 1

    Breaking Barriers

    Celebrating the campaign that authentically represents diverse consumers

    This campaign demonstrates the power of authentic representation. Old paradigms around diversity and inclusion are challenged. This campaign broke through the noise, amplifying diverse perspectives and aligning them with brand values. Bottom line: this campaign proves that representation matters through content that resonates and results to support it.

  • 2

    Meeting the Moment

    Celebrating the campaign that most effectively pivoted and responded to the events of 2020

    2020 disrupted everything. The global pandemic contributed to massive shifts in social, political and environmental perspectives and events. Pivoting your advertising strategy in 2020 not only means responding to these critical events but taking a creative approach that stands out in its response to events of 2020, and also in how it demonstrated business results.

  • 3

    Creative Innovation

    Celebrating the campaign that best demonstrates brilliant creative execution on a digital platform that drove business results

    Here we’re focused on the creative quality of your campaign, your big idea and how you brought it to life on screen. This includes powerful scripts, treatments and little details in the look and feel that made a big impact on your results.

  • 4

    Media Innovation

    Celebrating the campaign that best demonstrates brilliant media planning that drove business results

    We’re searching for campaigns that took a media-first approach. Did a stroke of media genius spark the idea? Were your ads contextually spot on? Did your media planner nail your audience insights? This award recognizes that media strategy makes all the difference to creative effectiveness.

  • 5

    The Underdog

    Celebrating the campaign that beat the odds to create big impact

    A campaign in which a small or medium-sized brand had big-brand ambitions and achieved business results to match. Show us your scrappiness, your fresh thinking and your hunger for success that meant making some noise was more impressive than most.

  • 6

    Action Driver

    Celebrating the campaign that best demonstrates how YouTube was used to drive customers to action in decision making moments

    We want to see how your campaign made your audience do something in the real world. Did you drive thousands of sign ups, get them to purchase, or even stopped them from purchasing? Perhaps your campaign collected thousands of petition signatures and triggered a global movement. Big or small, we want to see how you sparked action.

  • 7

    Brands As Creators

    Celebrating the campaign that best demonstrates brands behaving like creators, using YouTube formats that tap into consumer trends and growing communities

    We aren’t just looking for a channel with some brand-heavy video ads. We’re looking for brands who can show us they’re part of our ongoing platform story. Brands who release regular content that gives our audiences value, entertainment, inspiration or information - in the same way a creator would.

  • 8

    Big Screen, Big Results

    Celebrating the campaign that most creatively used YouTube’s most immersive screen to reach new audiences and drive results

    As people spend more time watching YouTube on connected TVs, there are more opportunities to reach your audience in new and immersive ways. Here, we’re looking for campaigns that creatively leveraged the TV screen to make a bigger impact on their branding and awareness campaigns. Campaigns can span multiple screens (desktop, mobile and TV screens) or connected TVs only.

  • 9

    Grand Prix

    Celebrating the campaign that best demonstrates the most effective, creative, innovative, and data-driven work with demonstrable business results

Ready to submit

How it works

Submit your best work from 2020 to be reviewed by our panel of industry leaders in two rounds.

Our judges will select the winners across a number of awards categories and a Grand Prix will be awarded to the submission that best demonstrates brilliant results, storytelling and effectiveness.

Introducing our judges

They’ve been there, done that and got a few trophies themselves. Our judges bring specialized expertise and significant experience across the industry and category spectrums.

  • Raig Adolfo

    Raig Adolfo

    Chief Strategy Officer,


  • Tina Allen

    Tina Allen

    Head of Data Science,

    BBDO New York

  • Carla Eboli

    Carla Eboli

    Executive Vice President, Energy BBDO and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Lead,


  • Adam Gerber

    Adam Gerber

    President of Global Media,


  • Sheryl Goldstein

    Sheryl Goldstein

    Senior VP of Member Engagement and Development,


  • Colleen Leddy

    Colleen Leddy

    Chief Media Officer,


  • Helen Lin

    Helen Lin

    Chief Digital Officer,


  • Amanda Cassin

    Amanda Richman



  • Michael Soleto

    Michael Soleto

    VP of Digital Content and Experience Strategy,


  • Andres Ordonez

    Andres Ordonez

    Chief Creative Officer,

    FCB Chicago

  • Stacey Stewart

    Stacey Stewart

    Executive VP and Managing Partner,


  • Teneshia Warner

    Teneshia Warner

    Founder, CEO and CCO,


  • Kimberly Doebereiner

    Kimberly Doebereiner

    Director, Future of Advertising, Procter & Gamble

  • Jill Baskin

    Jill Baskin



  • Contest begins

    Contest begins

    Tuesday, January 5, 2021

  • Submissions end

    Submissions end

    Tuesday, February 16, 2021 9AM PST

  • Winners announced

    Winners announced

    Spring 2021

How to submit

How to win

How to win

Our judges are looking for campaigns that have creatively, strategically and effectively leveraged YouTube to achieve a clear business impact. Make sure you set the scene and be clear about your KPIs. The metrics you provide will help our judges understand your work and the challenges of your category and marketplace.

Helpful hints:

  • Consider co-writing your submission, media and creative collaborations help to tell the full story.
  • Tell a story  with a beginning (objectives), middle (approach), and end (impact)
  • Stick to simple and concise
  • Include critical context around your creative
  • Remember we need all relevant media referenced in your submission
  • Note any factors external to YouTube that could have impacted results
  • Share as many metrics as you can and include objectives, KPIs, and benchmarks
How to win

How to enter

Identify one of your most effective YouTube campaigns from 2020, review the Terms & Conditions, and fill out the submission form below.

YouTube Works is easy to enter. Even better, it’s free. If you’re part of a marketing, media, creative, or agency team, show us your best-in-class digital work for your chance to be seen around the world.

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