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    This is Dunagun Kaiser, founder of ReluctantPreppers.com. I have reluctantly come to believe that we are living in a time of unprecedented risk, and that it is necessary and increasingly urgent for responsible people to take reasonable steps to protect themselves and their families from the coming financial upheaval.

    As a husband and father, I am responsible for the safety and welfare of my family. As busy professional, I need to know what steps I can take that are: simple, straightforward, affordable and balanced, to really give my family the best chance to thrive and to survive whatever comes our way.

    I am not into conspiracy theories or the latest doomsday scenarios.
    But after :
    - I was told by a police department consultant, "The only thing I can tell you is that the police won't be there when you need us," and - after learning from experts in the Social Security Administration that we at the tail-end of the baby-boomer generation should expect Social Security will be depleted before we can collect, and - after watching as our children's Federal debt grows by more each year than through the entire two centuries of our country's history,
    - after personally having my "safe cash equivalent" money market savings fund frozen and lose value since the fund was collaterally damaged by the 2008 Lehman Brothers collapse,
    I've reluctantly come to understand that I cannot depend on the system to protect my interests and my family; I've learned I need to step up and take prudent action myself.

    Thankfully, I've also learned there are some basic first steps and some trustworthy resources to help me a start insuring the things that I cannot afford to lose. I'm educating myself as a reluctant prepper, and my purpose for this Reluctant Preppers site is to share with as many other responsible folks as I can how you can get started taking care of the basics now, in case the system fails you. I care about my family and my mission is to help us increase all of our families' safety and preparedness.

    As an engineer, I have been trained to see patterns in "random" events, and to understand systems behind apparently unconnected trends. The signs from all over the country and world in recent years are indicating that the anemic economy, spiraling debt and failures of financial institutions, confiscation of private pension (and savings) plans, such as in Cyprus (and Poland,) the bankruptcy of Detroit and other major cities to come, states seeking Federal bailout, and financial riots in Greece, Argentina and other countries, all indicate an unparalleled threat is growing that will make the financial collapse of 2008 seem like a mere tremor before the devastating earthquake to come, which many experts predict will surpass the Great Depression in devastation on lives of ordinary people like you and me.

    People from all walks of life and all countries are preparing for disaster that no one can name or pinpoint, but many intuitively sense is coming. The government indicators and mainstream media commentators say we are in a recovery, and good times are ahead. As a consumer, I've learned to bring a critical perspective and to not assume the party line sales pitches are all I need to know. I seek out the truth behind the PR that will enable me to make solid choices to take care of my family.

    At Reluctant Preppers, you'll find exclusive interviews with experts from the worlds of finance, gold and silver markets, self-reliance and preparedness, to give you down-to-earth details on the basic steps you can take to really make a difference for your family.
    Let us know what answers you still need, and we'll do our best to dig them up. Glad that you're here and that you found us. Remember to click here for a free subscription, and welcome to ReluctantPreppers.com!

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