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    Its a sad day in American and the state of NY when an individual makes a video for the sole purpose of artistically exercising his free speech,entering a contest in the hopes that he could win or possibly gain employment.When has creativity been a crime or an offense,when has thespian-ism been a crime or an offense,when has reporting been a crime or a potential crime even an offense,well, I will tell you when.When the Mayors and Governors office deems it so with government intimidation at my work place while using a third party to investigate me, but it soon could be yours !!! I'm truly not mad about these events but very saddened that a man and a RUBBER chicken could be put under such scrutiny with them scapegoating my stage props as weapons which I use on rare occasion.Out of thousands of minutes of videos it seemed like that is all he focused on.My demeanor in my video was being questioned,tone of voice,delivery,mannerisms all with the mention of,we are not here to tell you what to do or not due,but you should,could or maybe filter what you say or talk about,what would you call that folks? I call it double talk,transferring intent from a guilty party to an innocent party,all in the name of what,risk management or keep your mouth shut,pay your taxes and be lucky that you have a job?

    The idea of bucking the system,challenging our ELECTED PUBLIC SERVANTS is viewed as insulting to them,immature,audacious,insolent from such a peasant ( well of course, if they suck lol) We all know that we should not speak from the heart or mind because that would be viewed as unsettling,aggressive,rude, to the very people that heavily tax you as your salary pays there lifestyle.I could go on and on but the very thought of expressing my views about such parasites truly drains my spirit as I am very sure that the very words that I am writing now can be or will be used against me in segmented parts in order to construct a biased desired picture about myself from your legal,lawful criminals that would black mail,frame someone or even worse, just so they could keep there image protected in the public eye.Remember folks all you need is a little government intimidation,a good public relations firm, a great constructed narrative with false evidence and of course a tailored suite to fool the average American jackass.


    Citizen PAIN

    Viewership AGREEMENT

    For any entity that views this site and all the work on it and cares to sue The personality of PAIN or the actual human being behind PAIN in reality known by you with your surveillance of myself ,you give up the rite to prosecute me in a FISA court with no extraction out of the country to any other court or form of justice and will adhere to the audio/video media or real world reporting or actions agreement (CONTRACT) of myself that any legal action would only be heard in front of a jury or GRAND JURY of my peers and ALL of my constitutional rites will be respected and allotted to me and any parties associated with me.All records,documents,audio,video evidence would be equally shared with no exceptions and no request for DOCUMENTS or RECORDS would be denied for myself or legal team no matter what there status.You willfully accept these terms and discard your non-constitutional options and would be fully responsible for ALL LEGAL COSTS ( that I or others acquire) associated with such LEGAL Actions against myself or others,but not limited to.

    This is just one of many videos to be done for the lovely Governors office of New York directed tot he specific question that was directed towards myself from the Governors office "asking what I want". I am not implicating the acting Governor Cuomo himself but I am curious why the New York State governors office would be so interested what a Man in A mask with a rubber chicken wants? I mean that sounds a bit odd and one could almost say trying to intimidate myself at my work place when I was being questioned from a third party investigator for around an 1 hr and 20 minutes on behalf of the state.That is the best way I could describe the gentleman's position acting on New York States behalf.With so much to worry about in NY state,some of your tax DOLLARS was spent on investigating a man in a mask and A Rubber chicken,does that sound like a SANE government to you? Show less
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