• A Waking Nightmare

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    A Waking Nightmare - An Oculus Intuentis Project

    "Date a demon? HA! I'm not that desperate. Besides, I really don't care for guys who stink like blood."

    Well, he probably smells like musty old coffin....but who cares when he's that pretty? XD

    Happy Valentine's Day, I guess. Don't care for it much myself, but almost everyone I know has a November birthday. I wonder why that is?

    I guess by now you can see where I'm going with this series...This scene in particular was a scene I had in mind for the next "full vid", but it wouldn't fit, so it got it's own little mini video.
    I don't normally post mini videos unless its a mep part...but a full video is coming....eventually!

    This is also the first animation I've made with Blender. (only 2nd animation ever) so please don't judge it too harshly! I would've liked to make the walk animation better but ran out of time. If I didn't set deadlines for myself I'd never get anything done, tbh. It's time to move on to next project!

    On another note, I'm strongly considering going back to MMD for most of my animation and the reason for this is simple....Render times. As cool as Blender is.... MMD is so, so much faster...and I'm not willing to wait a week for a 3 minute Cycles render to complete, when MMD can do it in 15 minutes. Although with a lot less fancy lighting and shadows, but when you are trying to achieve a "PS2" look, is realistic lighting even worth it? Some of those shadows look odd just because of the PS2/PSP models...

    Idk, I'm still weighing the pros and cons of both programs. Perhaps a hybrid of both?
    This 30 second animation takes 22 hours to render (GPU), and that is with only 10 samples (but remember its 60fps). I can deal with leaving it to render overnight while I'm sleeping, 8 to 12 hours or so, any longer than that is highly inconvenient.

    Anyway, enough rambling. This is the first meeting of Lady and Vincent. In the next video I have planned, you'll see some of their adventures in the Shinra Mansion. It's somewhat Resident Evil-ish. But with demons instead of zombies.

    PS. The Vincent model in this video is 100% made by me, using the cheatengine and PCSX2 method. For proof, in case you don't believe me XD.... and a link to a tutorial on how to get/make Dirge models (it's a lot of work), see my deviantart page. nejxvii.deviantart.com

    Thanks for watching!

    STORY....sort of. This is just the scene I had in mind for the first meeting of Vincent and Lady.

    I imagine she's been through hell fighting her way down to the labs, the demons in the mansion are pretty tough after all. After finding a key one of the monsters dropped, she finds the empty (?) coffin room safe enough and decides to take a moment to rest and reload.

    As soon as she gets up to leave, she hears something behind her and discovers someone had been in the coffin the whole time she'd been sitting there. XD The end! To be continued! Show less
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      A Waking Nightmare - An Oculus Intuentis Project

      "Date a demon? HA! I'm not that desperate. Besides, I really don't care for guys who stink like blood."

      Well, he probably smells like musty old co...
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      Tifa326x "Howl": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unvz_VHjq-I

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      A little annoucement: a new FULL gmv will be posted Sept. 11th/12th
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      Song: Sam's Gone (I Am Legend OST)
      Artist: James Newton Howard
      Poem: Tifa326x - http://www.youtube.com/tifa326x
      Dedication: Threads, Susie, and Joe -http://www.youtube.com/threadstotwelve
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      This animated music video was created
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      ~ Aelgran

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      Thanks Chester Bennington.
      Thanks for your voice, many of my old AMVs are of Linkin Park's song.
      This is my little tribute.

      ---- DISCLAIMER! ----
      Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copy...
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      Rest in peace, Chester Bennington.
      I'm still in shock.

      I had to do a throwback amv for him, probably one of the first
      amvs ive done was w...
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      -can I stay?-

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      HD720p or 1080p is better for you.
      I own nothing except my edits! No profit was made.
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      HD recommended!


      Once again, a little late, but it's finally here! Thank you to everyone who took part, this came out awesome!

      01 || TheShadoWings - Mirror's Edge
      02 || Digitize Assassin - O...
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      --HD please--
      If you wanna read lame ass sappy things, feel free to read this messy description shsksksk. This video is gonna have the longest footage list I have ever written
      I can't believe I hav...
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