• Powerful Conversations - Overcoming Any Obstacle

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    We have a 10 step video series designed to help you improve your life. Go to step one: https://youtu.be/_vTbxQgAYBY

    World Mental Health Week 2017 - Please share this video so that we can reach as many people as possible by October 10.

    There is a reason you're here. You just might not know what it is yet. The most important thing to do right now is get your mental health on track. The first line of defence against mental illness is talking about it. You need to be able to express how you are truly feeling. Most, if not all, mental illnesses thrive on secrecy and denial.

    Once you've expressed that there is a problem, to others, but most importantly to yourself, it is time to start looking for solutions. There is nothing weak about asking for help, working on yourself and improving your mental health. It's the people who aren't doing that who are crazy. You will become a mental health warrior by taking your psychological development seriously and using everything at your disposal to achieve optimal results.

    Therapy, counselling, coaching, mentors. It doesn't matter what you call them or how they interact with you. You need somebody you can trust, who won't steer you wrong. Their job is to challenge the beliefs you hold that are getting in the way of your personal growth and development. Some people prefer email correspondence, some prefer video chat, some prefer phone calls, some prefer face to face, some prefer direct messaging. Any interaction you can imagine, it's all available to you now, in this digital age.

    You can also read books, watch documentaries, go to seminars, retreats, community events and interact with the people around you who are living with similar experiences. This is a good starting point but the feedback that mentors, coaches, counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists and whoever else you may reach out to for support is extremely useful.

    Stigma prevents people from seeking help and this does result in people taking their own lives. We should not be measuring the suicide rate on a per day basis! Suicide prevention is so important. Nobody should have to feel so disconnected that ending their life feels like the only option they have.

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    There is no shame in picking up the phone now and just getting it all out if you're harboring suicidal thoughts and feelings. Don't wait until it's too late. Talk to someone, anyone.

    The beat at the end is by our good friend Gzutek, who openly expresses his own struggles with his mental health. We hope to collaborate with him more directly in future. You can find his work, including his own songs and beat catalogue at https://gzutek.com.au/ Show less
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