• TRUE STORY! What is Hasta La Vista Boss all about?

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    In this video, I want to introduce you to Hasta La Vista Boss Youtube channel to find out WHY I'm putting this together, WHO I am and HOW this is channel can help you!

    *** WHY I've created Hasta La Vista Boss channel? ***

    Because I know many people like you and I are trapped in the "rat race" working stupid amount of hours, some of us making nice money from our jobs, but at what price?

    At the price of spending our lives running like little rats up and down, ticking boxes on our TO DO lists without even realizing what are we doing or why we're doing it!

    And the sad part is (I've realized this whilst I was doing it myself) ...

    ... that sometimes you work so much, you make so much money, that you don't even have time to fu*king spend it!

    Sounds familiar?

    *** WHO I AM ***

    If you never heard of me before, I'm Adrian Diaz and you can check me out on Doug Cunnington's Youtube channel (my mentor) where I have two interviews with him as a Success Story!

    *** Interview 1: Making my first $100 online per month constantly


    *** Interview 2: Growing my site from $100 to $600 plus per month constantly


    As well I was featured on Human Proof Designs podcast (HPD) which was one of the podcasts I was listening to when I was a beginner, which is amazing, sometimes unbelievable.

    Episode #75 of HPD Podcast


    I'm on Hasta La Vista Boss Facebook groups as well, and you can find it here


    Plus, I'm building this nice website for us https://HastaLaVistaBoss.net It's an ongoing project, so bear with me as I'm creating it and putting up good content for you!

    *** HOW Hasta La Vista Boss channel can help you? ***

    - Motivate You -

    I believe that most of us we've said at least once that we hate our jobs. We hate what we do. We hate our boss and so on ...

    my question to you is this:

    How do you expect these things to change? Or what are you doing in order to change your situation? If you don't TAKE ACTION and do something different, let me tell you, NOTHING WILL CHANGE!

    What happens is that most of the times you'll say:

    I DON'T HAVE TIME to think about something else like a little business of my own or anything like that.

    Well, that's one of the reasons this channel exists!!!

    To actually show you that you can ALWAYS find some time to work on your "RAT RACE PRISON ESCAPE" :) (that's how I like to call it)

    My goal is to motivate you and incentivate you to take action by showing you my story, my day to day journey to SUCCESS plus I want to have people lie yourself coming on the show to share your story with others looking to get inspired and create a business of their own.

    - Inspire You -

    I am a very busy man. I'm a dad. I'm a husband. I'm a construction worker. I'm a Virtual Assistant (VA) ... and let me tell you that if there's a person that could say "I DON'T HAVE TIME OR ENERGY" ...

    ... that's me!

    But no. I'm on a mission to become my own boss!

    So my publishing my videos I want to get you inspired and see that you are able to do whatever you want as long as you want it, REALLY BAD like I do!

    - It can be a public case study -

    By sharing my journey to success publicly, you'll see that I'm no guru (like many wannabies out there). I'm just a guy that works hard in order to achieve my FREEDOM!!!

    So I hope that by sharing this with you, I can gain your respect and confidence!

    - Public Master Mind -

    One of the most important things, when you start a business, is to have people that think the same, have similar goals and winner attitude like yours to support each other along the way!

    We can share our struggles, our wins, and losses and try to help each other to move forward when things are not good when motivation is low and all that.

    So remember to join the Bosses group on Facebook here:

    Let me know what do you think so far about this idea? Is it good, is it bad? Is it something you think will help you change your life? Drop me a comment below and let's connect!

    Let's make it together. Let's FIRE OUR BOSS and tell them once and for all Hasta La Vista Boss haha

    Sounds good?

    Let's do it! Show less
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