• Dicecast - History of Nostandor

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    Nostandor has a long and brutal history penned by generals with the blood of its people. War is as much a part of the land as lightning is to a thunderstorm, and any memory of its origin has since been buried beneath the bodies of the innocent. Reasons for the conflicts have long been forgotten, but the grudges are seared into the cultures that remain. Once the dust had settled, Nostandor was split into four regions: the Wilds, the Northlands, the Southern Kingdoms of Man, and the Metal Mountains.

    The Northlands were originally part of the Wilds, before being reclaimed by General Otto Greenhilt who led an army of farmers and commoners to victory against the orcish tribes that settled within. After defeating the notorious Orc Warchief Gargrim Swordtooth half a century ago, he established the Kingdom of Greenhilt which has since served as a bulwark between the civilized south and the northern wilds. Known as the Farmer King, he was famous for being a man of the people, much to the ire of the Southern Nobles. To safeguard the land, he assembled his best soldiers and formed the “Emerald Riders.” These mounted troops were the best in the region, capable of easily quelling any problems set forth by roving warbands.

    Peace has settled upon Nostandor, though while the civilized kingdoms enjoy an era of plenty, the Wilds remain silent. What war could not break, placidity slowly erodes, as the might of the Emerald Riders atrophies with every idle year. Decades of quiet have created a generation of nobles who suckle on the teats of complacency, and squabbles begin to erupt from the courtrooms, drowning out the concerns of the commoners… as well as the low booming of the drums of war, rising with a million soldiers on the march.


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