• "Comments with Cookie" Episode 1 - Duration: 15 minutes.

    • 1 month ago
    "Comments with Cookie" is a blog series from personal trainer Cookie (IG: Cookieeedough).
    The Blog covers everything from how fitness changed my life, to self love, to motiv...
  • Join me for my personal workout for leg day! #BodyByCookie - Duration: 5 minutes, 11 seconds.

    • 3 months ago
    Hey guys!!!

    So I'm starting to record more and more of my personal workouts in addition to workouts you guys would love!

    This was about 3/4 of my leg workout on Monday at 2 in the morning (yes I ...
  • Birthday Workout in Miami @ University of Miami #BodyByCookie - Duration: 4 minutes, 48 seconds.

    • 3 months ago
    Hey Guys!!!!

    So I went to Miami for the first time ever last weekend (April 29th - May 2nd) for my birthday (April 28th) with a few girl friends.

    I never really stop working but I forced myself t...
  • Track Workout Part 2 #BodyByCookie - Duration: 5 minutes, 24 seconds.

    • 4 months ago
    Sorry for neglecting my YouTube channel for a while guys!!! I've been busy coming up with some awesome things for you guys though!!!

    My most requested workout AND my most popular video is the trac...
  • #CSIMSFITNESS #BecauseBootyGoalsChallenge ft Keke Palmer - Duration: 11 minutes.

    • 11 months ago
    The #CSIMSFITNESS booty challenge that went viral and was featured in ESSENCE magazine was spotlighted in this workout video with Keke Palmer. Here's just a few exercises from the 30 day challenge ...
  • Cooking with Cookie - Duration: 27 minutes.

    • 1 year ago
    This is the first ever episode of #CookingWithCookie!

    In this episode you will learn to make gluten free organic spinach based fettuccine pasta with garlic alfredo sauce, chicken, and sautéed on...
  • CSIMSFITNESS Presents: Upper body, Abs and Core - Duration: 36 minutes.

    • 1 year ago
    In this video I go over a few core and ab exercises and some semi-intense upper body workouts along with a warm-up before and some stretching.

    Music: RILEY - Poundcake ft. 2Chainz

    Instagram: Coo...
  • #CSIMSFitness -Splits Stretch Video - Duration: 4 minutes, 9 seconds.

    • 2 years ago
    On my Instagram page (IG: cookieeedough) I was asked to post a video demonstrating some stretches for the splits so here we are! Lol. I haven't always been consistent as I should've been or needed ...
  • #CSIMSFitness Track Workout - Duration: 6 minutes, 20 seconds.

    • 2 years ago
    When it's a great day outside why not go outdoors and workout there? No gym no problem!!!!

    In this video I will explain and demonstrate a perfect full body track workout.

    You will begin this wor...
  • Booty Blaster: Home Edition - Duration: 8 minutes, 9 seconds.

    • 2 years ago
    In this video I will demonstrate different booty blaster exercises that you can do whenever, wherever with no weights. Comment below for any other fitness videos (home or in the gym) that you would...
  • CSIMSFitness: Booty Blaster - Duration: 10 minutes.

    • 2 years ago
    CSIMSFitness Booty Blaster!!!

    Hey guys!!!
    I forgot to include my sets in the video but you will do 3 sets of 12 for every ...
  • CSIMSFitness: Abs and Booty Blaster Part II - Duration: 10 minutes.

    • 2 years ago
    For the ab part of the video if you do not have any weights then do not worry because the exercises will still work; the weights just intensify the workout making your ab muscles stronger abs soone...
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