• An introduction to the new 10 Yetis Digital brand and website

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    An introduction to the new 10 Yetis Digital branding and website by Head Yeti Andy Barr and Lead Web Developer, Daniel Benzie.

    Hi, my name is Andy Barr and I am the tea boy and co-founder of 10 Yetis Digital. And I am Daniel Benzie and I am the Lead Web Developer in charge of the deployment of the new 10 Yetis site.

    The most significant part of this for is the fact that we rebranded from being just public relations through to digital now. Essentially, you know, we are trying to do what ever other agency does and look trendy and cool in this modern era.

    I think it shows off the wider range of services that we now provide like the web development, video production and the social media teams that we have got working for us.

    The other big evolution for us as a brand has been how we have changed the type face on the logo. We have historically, over the last ten years, had problems with people announcing our name, largely because they are biffa's, from things like I O Yeti to Love Yetis. We had an apostrophe in there at one point but that just confused people and got the gramma Nazi's hating us as well.

    As part of it, to Andy's disappointment, we killed off the furry little creature we used to use across our branding because it did not really fit with our image any more. We have added quite a lot of new features. I think one of the things we were not quite up to scratch with on our old site was mobile responsiveness.

    Recently, this year, Google started taking that into consideration whe displaying mobile search results. So, I think it was quite important as part of the new branding that our site was mobile responsive. Other things we looked at when redesigning the site included the URL structure because it was built on an older content management system. It wasn't the clearest for users to navigate, some of the blog links were not very pretty, i think that could have affected us negatively as well, across the SERPS.

    We have done things around page-load speed time as well, to try and quicken that up a bit for the user and for Google. We have also got new dedicated areas. Our white papers are something that have put us on the map over the last couple of years and we have really worked hard to make these easier to find, so that the site becomes more of a natural learning resource. We have a new digital campaign called Take 6, which is learnign about various different digital marketing techniques in just six seconds using Vine.

    Overall we are really excited about the new website. It has been a really exciting ten years so far and I can't believe that we have made it ten years and we are not all working at McDonalds. It has been good fun.

    It has been a year in the making, mainly due to Andy's procrastination and the fear about us losing our search engine rankings. Reviewing them after the site has launched though, I think they have improved quite a lot.

    We soft launched it, as Dan said, largely because I was worried we would drop out of the SERPS all together, and I did not want to highlight that. So we soft launched it about a month ago and when we look at it now, our rankings are actually increasing and for a wider and better portfolio of things that we are able to offer. So for social media, video, web widgets you know, we are floating there or thereabouts around page two and I expect that to kick on now. I expect it to go from strength to strength.
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