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Travel Films and Videos Play

These are rough cuts, shorts and other films in various states of being. These are not blogs, but stories that I have shot on the road with my rolling production studio (HAHHAHAHAAAAAA!).

Enjoy some view from around the world...

Palaces and Castles - the World of Wonders Project Play

Palaces and castles are the cornerstone of any good travel experience. They are awesome in their stature, expansive in their footprint and elegant in their history.

You could spend hours walking the grounds of Versailles in France, or days exploring the streets of historic Edinburgh, Scotland. Palaces and castles represent an opulent past that still manages to spark our imagination today. Whether we are hearing secrets of the Taj Mahal or stories from aristocratic Europe, we are captured by the lifestyle of the few from a bygone area.

This playlist mixes up the cheesy with the deep, the fun with the serious. Palaces and castles come in all shapes and sizes - so prepare yourself!

Provins, Town of Medieval Fairs - the World of Wonders Play

Provins is a medieval town most known for its medieval fairs. As you can see from this playlist, these fairs are extensive and no detail is ignored! From Wikipedia: "Provins is well-known for its medieval fortifications, such as the Tour César (the Caesar Tower) and well-preserved city walls. Provins was home to one of the Champagne fairs that were crucial to the medieval European economy, when the city was under the protection of Counts of Champagne."
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