1. Passion of the Etsy Mannequins

  2. Game of Fucks: All the swearing from Game of Thrones

  3. Star Trek Into Taxes (Movie Trailer)

  4. An Ode to Movie Mainframes

  5. Star Wars vs Jurassic Park

  6. Nick's tips for gettin' laid

  7. Meghan O'Neill's SkyMall Friends

  8. Supercut: Terrible karate

  9. It's a no-brainer

  10. This isn't TV, this is real life!

  11. Parks and Recreation: Drunk Pawnee

  12. Backseat gamer

  13. Squint Eastwood

  14. Party Down: The Movie Trailer

  15. Who Called?

  16. 30 Rock's Dot Com is a persecuted intellectual

  17. Nick uses Facebook Social Graph Search

  18. Archer: Insulting Nicknames Edition

  19. Supercut: I can explain!

  20. Nick and Siri get an iPhone 5

  21. Nick and Siri get a new computer

  22. Training montage montage

  23. "Sex and the City" is one long segue

  24. Nick and Siri make cocktails

  25. You know, that guy from Christmas.

  26. Supercut: There's no time to explain!

  27. Nick and Siri get a pet

  28. Supercut: Liam Neeson always gets the last word

  29. Adventure Time: Finn the Human's crazy shouts

  30. Supercut: Bruce Willis causes massive property damage

  31. Obama and Romney sing "I Want Candy"

  32. The Claire Danes Cry Face Supercut

  33. Supercut: Celebrities on Law & Order

  34. Every on-screen drink in Mad Men

  35. Bob's Burgers supercut: All of Tina's moans

  36. Nick and Siri: Siri fixes the new iPhone maps

  37. Breaking Bad: 45 Seconds of Walt Freaking Out

  38. Where's Carl: The Walking Dead Megamix

  39. How to do an Arianna Huffington impression

  40. Obama and Urkel

  41. All the shouting on The Newsroom

  42. Every "Aw, here it goes!" from Kenan & Kel

  43. Nick and Siri: Siri Cools Off

  44. Louis C.K. Is Sorry for Everything

  45. Guide to Industrial Dance

  46. Supercut: Walking and Talking About Walking and Talking

  47. Meat Water: A Newer, Better Sports Drink

  48. Supercut: Repeating Like an 808

  49. Supercut: Look Who Showed Up!

  50. Shut Up, Leonard: The Community Megamix

  51. Supercut: Spill Your Guts

  52. Zooey Deschanel's Stupid Weather Report

  53. Siri Tells John Malkovich a Better Joke

  54. Supercut: Cleanup on Aisle Everything!

  55. Supercut: Awkward!

  56. Supercut: Problem?

  57. War on Women: Who's the Real Slut? Alana Shavon Reports

  58. Nick and Siri Celebrate Passive Voice Day, No Wait, Horse Day

  59. Tragic Space Shuttle Accident: Alana Shavon, Best Serious News Reporter

  60. Hot Girls, I Get You (musical reply to "Hot Problems" by Double Take)

  61. Soundtrack of My Life

  62. Samuel L. Jackson's Real Siri Ad

  63. Titanic 2: Cruise Control (A Movie Mashup)

  64. Earthquakes and Korean Missiles: Alana Shavon, Best Serious News Reporter

  65. Bob Saget Hosts "YouTube's Funniest Home Videos"

  66. Alana Shavon, Best Serious News Reporter

  67. Safety Not Guaranteed to the Future: A Trailer Mashup

  68. Addicted to Google Glasses

  69. Supercut: What's that in the sky!?

  70. Nick and Siri: Siri Teaches Spanish

  71. Supercut: Great "Dudes" in Film History

  72. Brown Sugar Challege

  73. Nate Smith, Best Dad Ever: Hunger Games

  74. Supercut: YouTubers Reviewing Junk Food

  75. Nailed It: SxSW on $10 a Day

  76. Ice Cube the Rapper vs. Ice Cube the Actor

  77. Nate Smith, Best Dad Ever: Magic Show

  78. Nick and Siri: Siri Writes a Novel

  79. Supercut: Dr. Livingstone, I Presume?

  80. Nate Smith: Topless Tuesday

  81. Nick and Siri: Rock God

  82. Supercut: Links in the Sidebar

  83. Nate Smith, Best Dad Ever: Black History Month

  84. Supercut: I'll Call You Back

  85. Nate Smith: How to Apologize for a Botched Valentine's Day

  86. Nailed It: How to Fix Your Relationship on Valentine's Day

  87. Every Wes Anderson Slow-Motion Shot, Set to Ja Rule

  88. Nate Smith, Best Dad Ever: The Basketball Diaperies

  89. Nick and Siri: Push-ups

  90. Supercut: Reaction Videos (turn down your headphones!)

  91. Nate Smith: How to Instantly Untangle Your Headphones

  92. Nate Smith: Lego Maniac

  93. Supercut: Animals Playing With iPhones

  94. Shit People Say About Shit People Say Videos

  95. Shit Boys Say

  96. Slacktory Supercut: Rebirths, Mutations and Resurrections on Screen

  97. Slacktory Supercut: Rapper Spelling Bee

  98. Uncastable: Mike Lacher

  99. Slackgeist 2011: The Year in Stupidity