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Movie News

  1. Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult Reunion

  2. Kristen Stewart and Ben Affleck Leave Focus Movie

  3. Major Plot Spoilers for Iron Man 3 - ENTV

  4. IRON MAN 3 - Official Featurette (2013)

  5. Catching Fire Trailer and More At The MTV Movie Awards - ENTV

  6. Roger Ebert's Funniest Reviews - ENTV

  7. Zoe Saldana Is Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy - ENTV

  8. Joss Whedon Much Ado About Nothing Wondercon Panel - ENTV

  9. New Great Gatsby (2013) Movie Posters Revealed - ENTV

  10. The Wolverine (2013) Movie Trailer Best Moments - ENTV

  11. The Wolverine (2013) Trailer Spoilers - ENTV

  12. Ninja Turtles Movie (2014) Cast Revealed - ENTV

  13. JJ Abrams Compares Star Wars Episode VII and Star Trek - ENTV

  14. Iron Man 3 - Kid's Choice Awards TV Spot

  15. Robert Redford Plus Avengers Star Join Captain America 2 The Winter Soldier - ENTV

  16. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Fast & Furious Spinoff Movie - ENTV

  17. Rob Thomas Spoilers For Veronica Mars Movie - ENTV

  18. Ian McKellen Marrying Patrick Stewart and Fiancee Sunny Ozell - Jonathan Ross Show

  19. Emma Watson Talks Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie - ENTV

  20. Stephanie Meyer Talks Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson Twilight Tragedy - ENTV

  21. Guardians of the Galaxy First Look : Dave Batista Is Drax The Destroyer - ENTV

  22. Firefly Movie Kickstarter : Joss Whedon Interview, Nathan Fillion, Avengers 2 - ENTV

  23. The Rover Movie Preview : Robert Pattinson's Twilight Gone, Trailer Coming Soon - ENTV

  24. Cannes Film Festival 2013 Preview : The Great Gatsby, Inside Llewyn Davis, The Bling Ring

  25. Kick Ass 2 - Official Red Band Trailer (HD) : Aaron Johnson, Chloe Grace Moretz, Jim Carrey

  26. Veronica Mars Movie Preview : Kickstarter Goal $2 Million Reached In 8 Hours - ENTV

  27. Kick Ass 2 Preview : New Red Band Trailer, Jim Carrey and New Characters - ENTV

  28. Spring Breakers Threesome : Vanessa Hudgens, James Franco, Ashley Benson Sex Scene Interview - ENTV

  29. Oscar Winner Argo Getting Sued By Iran - ENTV

  30. SXSW 2013 Highlights : Marvel Earth's Mightiest Show, Joss Whedon Much Ado, Drinking Buddies - ENTV

  31. Avengers 2, S.H.I.E.L.D. Much Ado About Nothing : Joss Whedon Exclusive SXSW Interview - ENTV

  32. Spring Breakers - Inside Look Featurette (HD) : Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, James Franco

  33. MAN OF STEEL LOL : Russell Crowe Jor-El UFO Hoax- ENTV

  34. BOND 24 Movie: Sam Mendes Out, Christopher Nolan, Tony Gilroy Top Choices - ENTV

  35. MTV MOVIE AWARDS 2013 Nominations: Ted and Django Unchained Lead - ENTV

  36. Anchorman 2 Preview : Harrison Ford Cast Opposite Will Ferrell - ENTV

  37. JUSTICE LEAGUE Movie : Christopher Nolan Producing, Christian Bale In Talks - ENTV

  38. X-Men Days of Future Past Preview : Omar Sy Cast As Black Panther - ENTV

  39. Frankenstein (2014) Preview : Daniel Radcliffe, IGOR, Emma Watson Cinderella - ENTV

  40. Oscars 2014 Preview : Early Picks, Inside Llewyn Davis, Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio - ENTV

  41. OSCARS 2014 New Host : Jimmy Kimmel Named, Seth Macfarlane and Tina Fey Quit - ENTV

  42. OZ The Great And Powerful Premiere : Mila Kunis Wicked Witch, Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams

  43. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 : Chris Cooper Is Norman Osborn, Green Goblin - ENTV

  44. OSCARS 2013 Best Actress Jennifer Lawrence : Nicholas Hoult X-Men Interview, Win, Trip and Fall

  45. Jack the Giant Slayer : Nicholas Hoult Climbs Past "21 & Over" This Weekend : ENTV

  46. STAR WARS Episode VII : Mark Wahlberg Trying To Join JJ Abrams Cast - ENTV

  47. Oscars 2013 Best Moments : Best Picture Argo, Best Actress Jennifer Lawrence, Seth Macfarlane - ENTV

  48. Oscars 2013 Kristen Stewart : Crutches, Robert Pattinson And Worst Night Ever - ENTV

  49. OSCARS 2013 Best Actress Jennifer Lawrence : Trips and Falls, Middle Finger Interview, Al Roker

  50. OSCARS 2013 Best Dressed : Best Actress Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain - ENTV

  51. OSCARS 2013 Worst Dressed : Anne Hathaway Nipples and Kristen Stewart Crutches - ENTV

  52. OSCARS 2013 Wardrobe Malfunctions : Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lopez - ENTV

  53. Marvel 2013 Comic Con Preview : Days of Future Past, S.H.I.E.L.D., Captain America 2 - ENTV

  54. Ninja Turtles Movie : Michael Bay Adds Megan Fox As April O'Neil - ENTV

  55. Star Wars Episode VII Update : Mark Hamill's Luke Skywalker Joining JJ Abrams Cast - ENTV

  56. OSCARS 2013 Best Actress : Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain, Quvenzhané Wallis - ENTV

  57. OSCARS 2013 Best Cinematography : Life of Pi, Argo, Les Miserables, Django Unchained - ENTV

  58. OSCARS 2013 Best Documentary : Searching For Sugar Man, The Invisible War, How To Survive A Plague

  59. OSCARS 2013 Best Style & Design : Les Miserables, Life of Pi, Anna Karenina - ENTV

  60. Oscars 2013 Movie Releases : The Rock's Snitch VS Keri Russell's Dark Skies - ENTV

  61. OSCARS 2013 Best Screenplay : Quentin Tarantino Django Unchained ,Argo, Amour, Life Of Pi - ENTV

  62. OSCARS 2013 Best Animated Film : Wreck It Ralph, ParaNorman, Brave - ENTV

  63. OSCARS 2013 Best Actor Actress : Steven Spielberg, Ang Lee, David O. Russell - ENTV

  64. OSCARS 2013 Best Director : Steven Spielberg, Ang Lee, David O. Russell - ENTV

  65. OSCARS 2013 Music : Les Miserables, Adele, James Bond, Jennifer Hudson - ENTV

  66. Star Trek Into Darkness : JJ Abrams Klingons Preview - ENTV

  67. OSCARS 2013 Best Actor : Daniel Day Lewis, Hugh Jackman, Joaquin Phoenix - ENTV

  68. A Good Day To Die Hard Prevents Identity Theft From Stealing The Box Office

  69. OSCARS 2013 Best Picture : Argo, Lincoln, Les Miserables, Silver Linings Playbook - ENTV

  70. X-Men Days of Future Past : Peter Dinklage Cast As Lead Villain - ENTV

  71. Beautiful Creatures : Super-Powered Romance Tries To Dethrone Twilight - ENTV

  72. What Zero Dark Thirty Got Wrong About Killing Osama Bin Laden - ENTV

  73. Scarlett Johansson Interview - Losing Les Miserables Part To Anne Hathaway - ENTV

  74. Brave - Behind The Scenes Featurette : Before and After

  75. Room 237 Documentary - Official Trailer (HD): Behind The Myth of "The Shining"

  76. Identity Thief Steals The Box Office, Warm Bodies and Side Effects Movie News - ENTV

  77. Monsters University - Official New UK Trailer (HD)

  78. Iron Man 3 - Happy Chinese New Year From Robert Downey Jr. and Wang Xuequi

  79. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY First Look - Chris Pratt IS Star-Lord! ENTV

  80. Identity Thief Movie - Weekend Previews, Side Effects & Charlie Sheen - ENTV

  81. Anchorman 2 Movie First Look - Kristen Wiig Joins "The News Team" - ENTV

  82. SUPER BOWL 2013: Ravens Win Warm Bodies Box Office Numbers - ENTV

  83. X-Men Days Of Future Past Preview: 70s Style, Kitty Pryde, Iceman & Rogue Return - ENTV

  84. Magic Mike Sequel Preview: Matthew McConaughey Talks More Stripping - ENTV

  85. Star Trek Into Darkness - Behind The Scenes Featurette (HD)

  86. Bullet to the Head and Warm Bodies Movies: Sylvester Stallone VS ZOMBIES!!

  87. Entourage Movie Details Revealed - ENTV

  88. Doctor Who Movie: Harry Potter's David Bradley as William Hartnell in "Adventure in Space & Time

  89. Amazing Spider-Man 2 Catches Paul Giamatti As "The Rhino" & Felicity Jones - ENTV

  90. Tina Fey Interview: Talking Mean Girls Musical, Muppets Sequel & 30 Rock Finale

  91. Die Hard Anniversary - Bad To The Bone Villains Clip [HD]

  92. Star Wars 3D Prequels CANCELLED By Lucasfilm and Disney: ENTV

  93. SAG AWARDS Winners: Argo Best Picture, Jennifer Lawrence and Tina Fey 30 Rock LOL: ENTV

  94. SAG AWARDS Fashion: Jennifer Lawrence Wardrobe Malfunction, Downton Side Boob and More!

  95. Hansel and Gretel Slays Movie 43 - SAG Awards Box Office Numbers

  96. Oz The Great and Powerful - "Witches" TV Spot [HD]

  97. Oz The Great and Powerful - Game Spot Sneak Peek Clip [HD]

  98. Movie 43 Actors Try To Explain "Movie 43" LOL: ENTV

  99. Jennifer Lopez WTF Fashion "Wedding Dress" Parker Movie Premiere: ENTV

  100. Lance Armstrong Movie Circles Michael Fassbender and Bradley Cooper: ENTV

  101. STAR WARS 7: JJ Abrams Confirmed To Direct New Star Wars Movie (2015)

  102. jOBS "Operating System" Official Clip [HD]: Ashton Kutcher and Josh Gad

  103. Jennifer Lopez Exclusive Interview: Parker Movie, Being A Badass and Life After American Idol

  104. SAG AWARDS Auction: "Les Miserables" and "Silver Linings Playbook" Props: ENTV

  105. OSCARS 2013 Inside Look : Adele Performing "Skyfall" - ENTV

  106. "Kill Your Darlings" Daniel Radcliffe Interview - Talking Harry Potter and Gay Sex Scenes

  107. Joseph Gordon-Levitt's "Don Jon's Addiction" Sells for $4 Million At Sundance

  108. Movie 43 Inside Look: How The Farrellys Convinced Hugh Jackman & A-Listers To Play

  109. Jessica Chastain's MAMA is Unimpressed With Arnold Schwarzenegger's LAST STAND - ENTV

  110. Leonardo DiCaprio Quits Acting After Django Unchained: ENTV

  111. Sundance Film Festival 2013 Preview: Joseph Gordon Levitt, Ashton Kutcher and Porn - ENTV

  112. Emma Stone Reveals What Makes Her Cry: ENTV

  113. Kristen Stewart Reveals Her Secret Hollywood Crush

  114. Ted 2 Teaser: Mark Wahlberg Confirms Ted Sequel And Oscar's Appearance - ENTV

  115. James Bond Biopic 'Fleming' Casts Dominic Cooper As Ian Flemming: ENTV

  116. Spring Breakers Movie Preview: Selena Gomez and Cast Interview - ENTV

  117. Ted Movie Sequel Confirmed By Mark Wahlberg on Anderson Cooper Live! ENTV

  118. Arnold Schwarzenegger's Last Stand Defends Against Silver Linings Playbook This Weekend: ENTV

  119. STAR WARS Seven Samurai Movie Teaser - Zack Snyder Talks New Star Wars After Man of Steel: ENTV

  120. GOLDEN GLOBES Box Office Numbers: Winner Zero Dark Thirty Leads A 'Globes' Weekend - ENTV

  121. On The Road - Kristen Stewart Says Dancing Is Harder Than Crazy Sex Scenes! ENTV

  122. Oscars 2013 Nominations: Ben Affleck Was Robbed, Anne Hathaway and Spielberg Go Nuts

  123. Critics' Choice 2013 Winners: Anne Hathaway, Ben Affleck, Jessica Chastain & More!

  124. OSCARS 2013 Best Picture: Life of Pi, Lincoln and Les Miserables Lead Nominations

  125. OSCARS 2013 Biggest Snubs: Ben Affleck, Dark Knight Rises, Skyfall and More!

  126. OSCARS 2013 Best Actor/Best Actress: Daniel Day Lewis, Hugh Jackman, Jessica Chastain & More!

  127. OSCARS 2013 Nominations: Lincoln Leads Noms with Les Miserables and Life of Pi

  128. OSCARS 2013 SNUBS: Leonardo DiCaprio, Quentin Tarantino, Skyfall and Kathryn Bigelow

  129. Modern Imbecile's "Idiot's Guide To Making Movies For Dummies" - Episode 4

  130. Zero Dark Thirty Puts A Hit On Gangster Squad This Weekend At The Box Office: ENTV

  131. Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Leads 2013 Razzie Nominations For Worst Movie: ENTV

  132. Broken City Movie - Mark Wahlberg Exclusive Interview: Movieline

  133. Django Unchained: Jamie Foxx, Kerry Washington and Samuel L. Jackson Exclsuive Interview

  134. Django Unchained - Deleted Scenes with Quentin Tarantino: ENTV

  135. SIN CITY 2 Update: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Dumps Guardians of The Galaxy For Sin City Sequel

  136. Arnold Tank Rides: Schwarzenegger Takes Film Journalists For Car Crushing Ride!

  137. BOSS HOVA Gatsby: Jay-Z Writing Music For The Great Gatsby - ENTV

  138. Gangster Squad Movie Premiere with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone: ENTV

  139. The Hobbit - Andy Serkis "From Golum To Director" Exclusive Interview - BlackTreeTV

  140. Star Wars 7 - Why Guillermo del Toro Passed On Directing: ENTV

  141. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D Buzzsaws Through Les Miserables and Django Unchained!

  142. Modern Imbecile's "Idiot's Guide To Making Movies For Dummies" - Episode 3

  143. Modern Imbecile's "Idiot's Guide To Making Movies For Dummies" - Episode 2

  144. Argo Featurette (HD) - The Real Houseguests

  145. Les Miserables Interview - Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman Exclusive: BlackTree

  146. Rebel Wilson Will Host 2013 MTV Movie Awards! ENTV

  147. The Great Gatsby - Official Trailer 2 (HD)

  148. Tom Cruise's Jack Reacher Gets Scared by Monsters Inc 3D This Weekend: ENTV

  149. Pain and Gain (2013) - Official Trailer (HD): The Rock, Mark Wahlberg and Rebel Wilson

  150. Jamie Foxx Previews Amazing Spider-Man 2 "Electro" Details and More! ENTV

  151. 10 Years - Behind The Scenes Interview with Director Jamie Linden: ENTV

  152. Tom Cruise's Jack Reacher Movie Delayed After Sandy Hook Tragedy: ENTV

  153. The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey Takes December Box Office Record: ENTV

  154. Kristen Stewart Looks Strange Topless

  155. Kristen Stewart Looks Hot At On The Road Premiere! ENTV

  156. The Hobbit - Production Video 10 [HD]: The Premiere!

  157. 2013 Golden Globe Movie Nominees Led By Lincoln and Django Unchained: ENTV

  158. 2013 SAG Film Awards - Nominations Led By Les Miserables and Silver Linings Playbook: ENTV

  159. Anne Hathaway Apologizes For Epic Wardrobe Malfunction! ENTV

  160. Angry Birds Movie Coming 2016 - First Look! ENTV

  161. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Here w/ Star Trek 2 IMAX Preview! ENTV

  162. Critics' Choice 2013 Nominees Led By Lincoln and Les Miserables! ENTV

  163. The Hobbit and X-Men Actor Ian McKellen Confirms Prostate Cancer: ENTV

  164. Oscars 2013 - Best Actress Preview feat Elle Fanning: Variety Awards Studio

  165. Skyfall Holds Kristen Stewart's Twilight Hostage At The Box Office: ENTV

  166. The Hobbit NYC Premiere - Andy Serkis, Dwarves and 48FPS: ENTV

  167. Oscars 2013 - Best Supporting Actor Preview feat Garrett Hedlund: ENTV

  168. Oscars 2013 - Best Director Preview feat Joe Wright: ENTV

  169. Oscars 2013 - Best Picture Preview: Variety Awards Studio

  170. Terminator 5 Reboot Gets Resurrected By Star Trek 2 Producer! ENTV

  171. Oscars 2013 - Best Supporting Actress Preview feat Kristen Stewart: Variety Studio

  172. Guardians Of The Galaxy (2014) Cast Preview - Joel Edgerton, Eddie Redmayne And Lee Pace

  173. Brad Pitt Kills The Box Office Softly, Universal Soldier, The Collection and More Movies This Week!

  174. Life of Pi - Official 'Inside Look' [HD]: James Cameron and Ang Lee

  175. Joseph Gordon-Levitt Batman Appearing In Superman & Justice League: ENTV

  176. Thanksgiving Box Office Record - Twilight, Skyfall, Lincoln And Life of Pi: ENTV

  177. Hitchcock (2012) Oscars Interview - Fox Searchlight Pictures: Deadline Contenders

  178. The Hobbit - Official Production Video #9 [HD]: Finishing The Hobbit In Post-Production

  179. Oscars Preview - The Weinstein Company (2012): Deadline Contenders

  180. ParaNorman Exclusive Clip [HD]: So Much Reading

  181. Lincoln (2012) Oscars Interview - DreamWorks Studios: Deadline Contenders

  182. Pixar Disney Oscars Preview (2012) - Brave, Frankenweenie And Wreck-It Ralph: Deadline Contenders

  183. Smashed (2012) Oscars Interview - Sony Pictures Classics: Deadline Contenders

  184. Oscars Preview - ParaNorman, Anna Karenina and Promised Land - Focus Features: Deadline Contenders

  185. Flight (2012) Oscar Interview - Paramount Pictures: Deadline Contenders

  186. Quentin Tarantino XX Interview Clip - 20th Anniversary Box Set feat. Jackie Brown Cast

  187. Oscars Preview - Hollywood Moguls (2012): Deadline Contenders

  188. Red Dawn (2012) - Official "Inside Look" [HD]: Chris Hemsworth And Josh Hutcherson On-Set

  189. Anna Karenina Official "Inside Look" [HD]: Kiera Knightley & Aaron Johnson Behind The Scenes

  190. Kristen Stewart Heats Up The European Twilight Tour: ENTV

  191. Favorite Bond 007 Cars And Potential Bond 24 Cars! ENTV

  192. Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 "Breaking" Box Office Records: ENTV

  193. Tom Hardy Joins Splinter Cell Movie (2013) - ENTV

  194. Eddie Murphy Joins Twins Sequel "Triplets" (2013) - ENTV

  195. Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Finally Hits Theaters: ENTV

  196. Breaking Dawn Part 2 London Premiere With Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson: ENTV

  197. Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Want To Do More Movies Together: ENTV

  198. WikiLeaks Movie (2014) Casts Benedict Cumberbatch And James McAvoy: ENTV

  199. Skyfall Becomes The Biggest Bond Movie Of All-Time! ENTV

  200. Transformers 4 (2014) Upgrades To Mark Wahlberg From Shia Labeouf: ENTV