1. Riding through Hill City South Dakota. Sturgis 2013

  2. Riding through Deadwood South Dakota With our Group

  3. Needles Hwy Keystone South Dakota

  4. Ride coming back from Meridian

  5. Jumbalaya

  6. Ramirez & Crawford. Jenny Jenny

  7. Neal Drennan

  8. Fire westcreek and Woodbridge across street from fire stati

  9. Michelle and Quinton Witherspoon

  10. Don't you wish your grandma was hot

  11. Rodeo at Stockyards Ft Worth Tx

  12. FastLane In The City

  13. FastLane Peaceful Easy Feeling

  14. McGraw fireworks

  15. T-bird adventure

  16. Jordan writes a song

  17. McGraw Family Hell's Gate Possum Kingdom

  18. Possum Kingdom lake

  19. Possum Kingdom Lake

  20. Jordan writes a song

  21. Happy Birthday first time

  22. Skye and Brady sing Happy Birthday

  23. Dave's Birthday with his twin grandchildren

  24. Talimena6panorama.AVI

  25. Talimena5.AVI

  26. Talimena4.AVI

  27. Talimena3.AVI

  28. Talimena2.AVI

  29. Talimena1a.AVI

  30. Talimena7.AVI

  31. Harley Ride Talimena Trail

  32. Dave McGraw with some target practice fun

  33. David McGraw with some target practice

  34. Lightning Storm Ft Worth Tx may 4,2012

  35. Rainstorm May 4, 2012

  36. How Long Fastlane

  37. Peaceful Easy Feeling. Fastlane

  38. Rhythm Daddyz Ramble On

  39. Here At Closing Time -Branch and Locke

  40. Jamming Keep Your Hands to Yourself

  41. Buddy Whittington at the Keys

  42. Dinosaur State Park

  43. Snow west Ft Worth

  44. Jan 14, 2012 Hwy 4 Palo Pinto Santo Harley Ride

  45. Jan 14, 2012 Harley Ride Palo Pinto Lakeview Dr

  46. Harley Ride Lake Weatherford Tx

  47. Riding Harley Damn Rd Palo Pinto

  48. Harley ride around Palo Pinto Lake

  49. Buddy Whittington Giving It Up

  50. Jingle Bell Jam Buddy Whitington

  51. Ron Ramirez I Want To Hold Your Hand

  52. Angel Eyes. Ron Ramirez

  53. 357 Magnum -Dave McGraw

  54. Taylor Jordan Roseberry with his new Russian Rifle

  55. Texas Flood. John "Woody" Caldwell

  56. Pool time.

  57. You Got Me Running Steve locke

  58. I Feel Fine The Rhythm Daddyz

  59. Steve Locke and Jerry Don Branch

  60. Jamming at Chiles Wedding 2

  61. Music Jam Chiles Wedding

  62. Kristin Majors and Drive At Last

  63. Josh Weathers To Love Somebody

  64. To Love Somebody. Josh Weathers

  65. Moose and me

  66. Vintage Vibes Fever

  67. Swing Dancers. Vintage Vibes

  68. Courtney from Vintage Vibes swing dance

  69. Swing Dance party Lesson before dance

  70. Vintage Vibes Swing Dance Party b

  71. Vintage Vibes Swing Dancers Party video A

  72. VintageVibesswingdancewantyourlove

  73. Vintage Vibes Lucky Lips Swing dancer Marjorie Schulenberg Birthday Dance

  74. Vintage Vibes Walk Right In Swing Dance Party

  75. Swing Dancers

  76. Swing Dancers. Ft worth Tx

  77. Ain't Nobody's Business Buddy Whittington

  78. Pool hustle warning

  79. Chi-Town Riders on the Storm

  80. Midnight Rider Woody Caldwell

  81. Come Together Sarah Caldwell

  82. Boots Were Made For Walking Sarah Caldwell

  83. Lupita Espitia (Maria Love)

  84. Riders on the Storm. Woody Caldwell

  85. Viya Con Dios Sarah Caldwell

  86. It's Coming On Jackson Caldwell

  87. The Wind Cries Mary- Max

  88. Hi-De-Ho Woody Caldwell

  89. Heartache Tonight Fastlane

  90. Sitting On The Dock Sarah Caldwell

  91. Jackson Caldwell

  92. Dragging the Line Woody Caldwell

  93. Locke and Branch "Closing Time"

  94. Michael Prysock

  95. Another Day Another Dollar

  96. Blue Jeans Woody Caldwell

  97. The Wait cover by Woody Caldwell

  98. Let's Dance. Woody Caldwell

  99. Fireworks Over Grapevine Lake