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  1. Chairman Graves Responds To President Obama's State Of The Union Address

  2. Rep. Allen West discusses Debt and Medicare on Fox News Sunday

  3. HEARING: The Small Business Administration FY 2012 Budget featuring the Hon. Karen Mills

  4. HEARING: 3% Withholding Tax Repeal

  5. HEARING: Decreasing Duplication at SBA 5.25.11

  6. Rep. West on C-SPAN's Washington Journal

  7. Chairman Graves' Opening Statement during Politicizing Procurement Hearing

  8. Rep. West's Q&A during the Politicizing Procurement Hearing

  9. Mr. Odysseus Lanier's opening statement during the Size Standards Hearing

  10. HEARING: Subcommittee Hearing on SBA Size Standards 5.5.11

  11. Subcommittee Chairman Walsh's opening statement during size standards hearing

  12. Mr. Walter J. Hainsfurther's opening statement during the Size Standards Hearing

  13. Rep King Q&A 1099 Hearing

  14. Rep. Coffman Q&A during 1099 Hearing

  15. Rep. Barletta Q&A in SBIR Hearing

  16. Rep West Q&A 1099

  17. Rep. Bartlett Introduces Witness During the 1099 Hearing

  18. Rep. Mulvaney Q&A during 1099 Hearing

  19. Rep. Coffman Introduces Witness at 1099 Hearing

  20. Rep. Jeff Landry Fights Job-Destroying Regulations

  21. Rep. Scott Tipton (R-CO) Fights Job-Destroying Regulations

  22. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann Fights Job-Destroying Regulations

  23. Rep. Mike Coffman Fights Job-Destroying Regulations

  24. Rep. Allen West Fights Job-Destroying Regulations

  25. Chairman Graves Closing Statement in Support of H.Res. 72

  26. Rep. Coffman Talks Job Creation & Federal Spending on C-SPAN

  27. HEARING: SBA Markup Views & Estimates 3.15.11

  28. HEARING: SBIR Program (Part 1) 3.16.11

  29. Congressman Schock on the Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer

  30. Coffman Discusses Federal Furlough Bill on the Willis Report

  31. Getting America Back To Work

  32. Small Businesses: Washington's Economic Policies are "scaring us to death"

  33. Time to Start the Budget Process

  34. Buchanan "Stimulus" Starts With Small Business

  35. Buchanan: We Need A Balanced Budget Amendment

  36. Congressman Schock Amendment to Help the Unemployed Passes House

  37. Ranking Member Sam Graves (R-MO) on extending SBA programs through July 31st

  38. Repeal The Sweet-Heart Deals

  39. "Small Businesses Need Access To Capital" - Vern Buchanan

  40. Ranking Member Sam Graves' Opening Statement

  41. Rep. Gohmert continues to speak out about Health Care on the House Floor! (Part 2of 2)

  42. Rep. Gohmert continues to speak out about Health Care on the House Floor! (Part 1 of 2)

  43. Fallin Stands Firmly Against Obama/ Pelosi Health Care Takeover

  44. Buchanan Discusses The Health Care Bill

  45. Congresswoman Mary Fallin promises to keep fighting against federal health care take over

  46. Thompson talks about the bad jobs resulting from the health care bill.

  47. Boehner: Repeal Dems' Gov't Takeover of Health Care & Replace it with Reforms that Lowers Costs

  48. Congressman Schock on Senate Jobs Bill

  49. 2/23/10 Republican Leadership Stakeout on Jobs and Health Care

  50. Luetkemeyer Takes to House Floor in Support of His Bill to Help Small Business

  51. Luetkemeyer Appears on FOX Business Americas Nightly Scoreboard

  52. Luetkemeyer Takes to the House Floor in Support of Small Business Legislation

  53. Health Care & Small Business Press Conference

  54. 10/21/09 Republican Leadership Stakeout

  55. Buchanan Discusses Jobs, Seniors & Health Care

  56. Rep. Buchanan Wins Small Business Award

  57. Lucas Discusses Derivatives Regulation at Press Conference

  58. Gohmert on w/ Neil Cavuto Reacting to President's Healthcare Speech

  59. Republican Whip Eric Cantor, GOP Leaders Hold Roundtable Meeting With Small Business Owners

  60. Ranking Member Dave Camp Discusses Health Care Pay Fors on Bloomberg

  61. part 3

  62. part 2

  63. part 1

  64. Mary Fallin speaks out against the Democrats' proposed national energy tax

  65. What Is Tax Deferral?

  66. Small Business One Minute Speech

  67. Small Business Floor Speech

  68. Akin: Democrat headaches for Small Business

  69. Rep. Buchanan Speaking In Support Of Focusing On Small Business

  70. Floor Speech Highlights Opposition to Proposed Tax Increases in President's Budget