1. Blue Pearl custom paint on 70 GMC at sunset done @ robscustompaintshop

  2. Custom pearl blue paint on 70 GMC in morning light @ robscustompaintshop

  3. 70 GMC in the sun with custom blue and white pearl paint finnished @ robscustompaintshop

  4. 69 Impala with custom candy blue pearl paint job in the sun @ robscustompaintshop

  5. 14 coat beautiful Blue candy pearl paint job on 69 Impala finished @ robscustompaintshop

  6. 14 coat custom candy paint on 69 Impala in final assembly@robscustompaintshop

  7. Custom candy paint on harley @ robscustompaintshop

  8. 69 Impala getting custom paint work @ robscustompaintshop

  9. 70 chev project in final assembly @ robscustompaintshop

  10. 68 mustang up next for custom paint job @ robscustompaintshop

  11. 70 chev up next with candy blue and white paint job @ ronscustompaintshop

  12. Super Sweet 69 chevelle on way home with a 20 coat custom paint job @ robscustompaintshop

  13. Candy at dusk 20 coat custom paint from robscustompaintshop

  14. 20 coat Candy in the shade 69 chevelle done @ robscustompaintshop

  15. Canady chevelle 20 coat custom paint finished @ robscustompaint shop

  16. 69 finished aligned gapped blocked with 20 coat candy and inlaid stripes @robscustompaintshop

  17. checking the color Hmmm i think back in the booth more candy and stripes @ robscustompaintshop

  18. 69 Chevelle... 20 coat red candy paint almost done... how about stripes?

  19. The One You've Been Waiting For '69 CHEVELLE getting a 20 coat Custom mixed Red Candy flake paint!

  20. Robscustompaintshop takes home 2 more awards @ Parksville Oceanside Overdrive Car Show!!

  21. WOW! Beautiful 18 coat candy violet pearl flake paintjob on E320 Mercedes @ robscustompaintshop

  22. Just a peek at 16 of 18 coats candy purple flake paint job on mercedes C 320 @ robscustompaintshop

  23. Robscustompaintshop "WINS 3 first PLACE AWARDS!" @ Courtenay Car Show 2011

  24. E-Class Mercedes Getting 18 coat Purple candy Violet Flake Paint Job @ robscustompaintshop

  25. Custom painted BMW with perfect black paint done robscustompaintshop way.

  26. Father's day show n' shine 2011 in Qualicum with 83 chev pu and 80 Z28 done at robscustompaintshop

  27. Custom candy blue flake paint job done at robscustompaintshop

  28. 70 chev P/U getting full custom paint work @ robscustompaintshop

  29. 14 coat gold pearl paint job on a mercades 560 SL @ robscustompaintshop

  30. Two beautiful Mercades a 560 SL and a AMG 500 SL custom painted @ robscustompaintshop

  31. Beautifull gold pearl custom painted Mercades 560 SL @ robscustompaintshop

  32. Perfect paint matching and repair work on Mercades AMG 500 SL @ robscustompaintshop

  33. Today @ robscustompaintshop a mercedes 560 SL and a 500 SL and a 69 chevelle

  34. Custom honda green flake job all done @ robscustompaintshop

  35. Mmmm candy flames with gold and red pearl you know you want it just ask @ robscustompaintshop

  36. Custom paint repair on 2010 buick @ robscustompaintshop

  37. Plastic Fantastic all custom painted @ robscustompaintshop

  38. Mercedes almost ready for paint @robscustompaintshop .... all rust repairs are complete

  39. 69 chevelle is getting color @ robscustompaintshop

  40. Custom flames on Harley saddle bags. @ robscustompaintshop

  41. Custom green pearl flake paint job @ robscustompaintshop

  42. custom pearl green paint job on honda @ robscustompaintshop

  43. 69 chevelle alighned and gapped final blocking for custom paint @robscustompaintshop

  44. Custom painted ferio done at robscustompaintshop

  45. Plastic fantastic all most finneshed at robscustompaintshop

  46. Yes at robscustompaintshop we custompaint luxury cars like this sl 560

  47. 57 Chev 210 repaired at robscustompaintshop

  48. Nitro harley custom painted @ robscustompaintshop

  49. Candy blue on a suzuki too @ robscustompaintshop

  50. Mile deep perfect black paint job @ robscustompaintshop

  51. 2005 nissan painted in winefire candy @ robscustompaintshop

  52. 68 Chevelle getting custom painted at robscustompaintshop.

  53. Finnished candy winefire pearl paint on 05 nissan at robscustompaintshop

  54. Candy winefire pearl paint on 05 nissan at robscustompaintshop

  55. Nice trucks done @ robscustompaintshop

  56. Custom candy blue over silver at robscustompaintshop.

  57. Red candy over gold flames at robscustompaintshop

  58. At robs shop our hotrods go as good as they look!

  59. At robs shop our hotrods go as good as they look!

  60. robscustompaintshop show truck at qualicum fathers day show.

  61. Custom candy blue over silver done at robscustompaintshop.

  62. Bucks rootbeer candy all finnished at robscustompaintshop.

  63. Bobs 59 chev done at robscustompaintshop.

  64. Bucks Rootbeer Candy at robscustompaintshop

  65. The right way to use a candy Z28 @ robscustompaintshop.com

  66. Candy brandywine Z28 @ robscustompaintshop2@hotmail.com

  67. 1983 custom built lowrider @ robscustompaintshop.com Parksville

  68. 83 lowrider custom 454 big block chevy @ robscustompaintshop.com

  69. This years show truck almost finished for robscustomnpaintshop.com

  70. This years show truck almost finished for robscustomnpaintshop.com

  71. Candy harley tanks in the sun mirror finnish only at robscustompantsho.com

  72. Im going to kill these tires at robscustompaintshop.com

  73. First coat of candy over flames on harley robscustompaintshop.com

  74. Flame job layed out on harley ready for candy coats at robscustompaintshop.com

  75. 68 mustang with shellby kit almost ready for candy time at robscustompaintshop.com

  76. Mile deep perfect black paint job at robscustompaintshop.com

  77. Crazy miata customized body kit at robscustompaintshop.com

  78. Gold candy flake yellow paint at robscustompaintshop.com

  79. Custom paint restoration on bmw 325is at robscustompaintshop.com

  80. Beautiful custom candy paint work on harley tanks in the sun !!! robscustompaintshop.com

  81. 81 Z28 geting a custom candy orange over gold flames at robscustompaintshop.com

  82. Custom mix candy blue flake paint job on honda with custom body kit! robscustompaintshop.com

  83. Custom mix candy blue paint with blue flake over purple robscustompaintshop.com

  84. HOK candy brandywine with red flake over red! custom tinted rear lights at robscustompaintshop.com

  85. HOK candy brandywine over red with a red flake beautifull in the sun! At robscustompaintshop.com

  86. Bad ass 56 belair built in the 70's . Getting restored and custom painted at robscustompaintshop.com

  87. Chev SSR geting a custom candy paint job at robscustompaintshop.com

  88. The start of a great 68 mustang fast back. Done at robscustompaintshop.com