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Atheism+: The Matt Dillahunty Experience

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Published on Oct 8, 2012

If you think this video presents a reasonable run through, favouriting and sharing would be appreciated - and so would comments and responses, as always :)

This video has two parts:
Part one (from start): A brief run through of the events involving matt Dillahunty and atheism+ (to the best of my knowledge and ability)
Part two (starting at 13:10): My analysis and speculation on quite why things went so badly wrong and where the situation lies at the present time.

Two points,
Firstly, I am giving up on 'not saying anything more on Atheism+', this stuff is as compelling as it is ridiculous. If you find this subject boring then, rest assured, normal service will be resumed in due course. In the mean time, let us take some time to enjoy the life and times of one of the most reactionary, histrionic, hypersensitive and hypocritical groupings of individuals many of us will have the good/bad fortune to encounter.

Secondly, you will see a number of screencaps throughout this video. Please be aware, they have been EDITED for brevity and to place the quote next to the posters name. I haven't done this to mislead but to make it easier for the viewer, should they so wish, to go and check out the original.

Some links:

My first vid on A+:
"Atheism+ My Opposition "

Second video (where I discuss the "two atheism+'s mentioned at 1:45")
"Atheism+ My Day on Freethought Blogs"

Third video, showing the nature of the A+ forum
"Atheism Plus, The Movement That Wasn't"

Atheismplus threads:


"Could a moderator post the content of my post in the right f"

"On the Dillahunty matter: your reactions"

"Resolution and moving forward on the Dillahunty incident"

FTB's Lousy Canuck:
"Matt, I really think you owe them an apology."

Matt Dillahuntys videos

Pre-shitstorm defence of A+ vids:
" On AtheismPlus (Atheism+)"

"More on Atheism+"

Post shitstorm:
"The incident at the Atheism+ forum may not be what you think"

"Ok with ban - but not blame"

other stuff mentioned in this video:

The Aron Ra blogpost mentioned
"What I think about Atheism +"

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