1. Patrick Hogue of Mileage Matrix Discusses How to Speed the Adoption of Efficient Trucking Technology

  2. John Woodrooffe of UMich's Transportation Research Institute Discusses Truck Safety and Efficiency

  3. RMI Quest for Solutions: Smart Garage - The Fleet Meets the Grid

  4. RMI25 Event Highlights

  5. Energy Efficiency 5 of 5 - Implications

  6. RMIQ Biofuels: Panacea or Pandora's Box

  7. Don Baldwin of Michelin Discusses Efficient Trucking at RMI's Transformational Trucking Charrette

  8. Andrew Smith, CEO of AT Dynamics, Interview at RMI's Transformational Trucking Charrette

  9. Mike Ogburn Interview at RMI's Transformational Trucking Charrette

  10. Amory Lovins Interview from Transformative Trucking Charrette

  11. RMI Transformational Trucking Charrette Introduction

  12. RMI25 Gala Amory Lovins speech Imagine a World

  13. RMI25 Venture Philanthropy and Entrepreneurial Nonprofits

  14. RMI25 Building Real Security Harnessing Resource Efficiency to Create Freedom

  15. RMI25 Corporate Leadership

  16. RMI25 Convenient Truth

  17. RMI25 Gala Thomas Friedman and Amory Lovins The Next 25 Years

  18. RMI25 Gala Tom Friedman speech - The Green Revolution

  19. Rocky Mountain Institute RetroFUTUREspective

  20. Amory B Lovins Receives The Volvo Environment Prize

  21. Energy Efficiency 4 of 5 - Implementation

  22. Energy Efficiency 3 of 5 - Transportation

  23. Energy Efficiency 2 of 5 - Industry

  24. Energy Efficiency 1 of 5 - Buildings

  25. Addicted to Oil Texas Instruments

  26. Addicted To Oil Fiber Forge

  27. CNN Global Challanges

  28. Addicted to Oil

  29. Volvo Environment Prize Nobel Spot

  30. Trailer for PBS Series E2 Energy with Amory Lovins

  31. RMI's Thought Leadership music

  32. RMI's Thought Leadership

  33. RMIQ July08 Lovins Selects

  34. RMIQ July08 Panel Selects

  35. Rick Ridgeway - Patagonia Mission Statement

  36. Empire State Building: Leadership in American Progress in Sustainability

  37. Amory Lovins speaks at the Shantou Dialogues

  38. About RMI (Rocky Mountain Institute)

  39. Michael Brylawski - Automotive News Keynote

  40. High Performance Building (18 minute abbreviated version)

  41. Building Efficiency Case Study: Toyota Motor Sales - Portland District Center

  42. Building Efficiency Case Study: Starbucks Corporation - Hillsboro, Oregon Retail Store

  43. Building Efficiency Case Study: OHSU Center for Health and Healing

  44. Building Efficiency Case Study: Morgan Creek Ventures

  45. Building Efficiency Case Study: Missouri DNR - Lewis and Clark Office Building

  46. Community Efficiency Case Study: Kennecott Land

  47. Building Efficiency Case Study: San Francisco Federal Building (GSA)

  48. Building Efficiency Case Study: Goldman Sachs

  49. Building Efficiency Case Study: Poudre School District

  50. Building Efficiency Case Study: University of Denver Law School

  51. Building Efficiency Case Study: Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Protection

  52. Building Efficiency Case Study: Alberici Corporation

  53. Building Efficiency Case Study: Adobe Systems

  54. High Performance Building: Perspective and Practice

  55. RMI's Innovation Workshops

  56. Why RMI's solutions-based approach is so important today