1. Ashoka's Nairobi Globalizer Summit on Rural Innovation

  2. getAbstract—and get inspired, fast!—with Ashoka

  3. Ashoka Fellow Katherine Freund on dignified transportation for seniors

  4. Ashoka Fellow Mike O'Brien on the biggest college challenge

  5. Jerry White: Smart Networks

  6. Ashoka Fellow Stacey Epperson on affordable housing done right

  7. Ashoka Fellow José Quiñonez on helping immigrant families achieve financial inclusion

  8. Eric Glustrom

  9. "Education in the Age of Innovation" Panel

  10. Success for Venture and Fellowship

  11. Venture and Knowledge

  12. CouchSurfing

  13. Fair Trade USA

  14. Wikipedia

  15. Are You A Changemaker?

  16. Ashoka Fellow Felipe Heusser wins Knight News Challenge

  17. Jake Shapiro: How to turn off your cell phone

  18. Hangout with Ashoka Fellow Jean Claude Rodriguez

  19. Google Hangout with Ashoka Fellow Sunil Abraham

  20. Ashoka Fellow David Lubell on Building More Welcoming Communities

  21. Mark Cheng Finance Presentation_Vienna 2011

  22. Ashoka Fellow Jason McLennan on the Future of Green Building

  23. Ashoka Fellow Alexandra Bernadotte on Higher Education for Low-Income Students

  24. Ashoka Fellow Gregor Hackmack on Social Entrepreneurship

  25. Ashoka Fellow Gregor Hackmack on Transparent Politics

  26. Flip Cam Series: Ashoka Fellow Maurice Lim Miller on Empathy, part 2

  27. Flip Cam Series: Ashoka Fellow Maurice Lim Miller on Social Entrepreneurship

  28. Flip Cam Series: Ashoka Fellow Maurice Lim Miller on Empathy, part 1

  29. Flip Cam Series: Ashoka Fellow Maurice Lim Miller on his 'Aha!' Moment

  30. Flip Cam Series: Ashoka Fellow Kingsley Bangwell on Social Entrepreneurship

  31. Flip Cam Series: Ashoka Fellow Kingsley Bangwell on his Social Impact

  32. Flip Cam Series: Ashoka Fellow Kingsley Bangwell on Empathy

  33. Flip Cam Series: Ashoka Fellow Kingsley Bangwell on his 'Aha!' Moment

  34. Ashoka's Executive in Residence Program

  35. Ashoka Fellow Philipp Schmidt - Peer 2 Peer University (P2PU)

  36. Bill Drayton

  37. Ashoka Knowledge

  38. The Non Nonprofit - Steve Rothschild

  39. Rippling: How Social Entrepreneurs Spread Innovation Throughout the World

  40. Sasha Chanoff -- Ashoka US Fellow

  41. Ashoka Fellow Mitch Hedlund on Recycling

  42. Luis Orlando Castro and "Biotecnologia Agrocolombiana"

  43. Jean Francois Archambault and "La Tablee des Chefs"

  44. Carlos Cruz and "Cauce Ciudadano" Presentation

  45. Thorkil Sonne - 2011 Ashoka Globalizer

  46. Patrick Struebi - 2011 Ashoka Globalizer

  47. Anshu Gupta - 2011 Ashoka Globalizer

  48. Brendan Martin - 2011 Ashoka Globalizer

  49. Bart Weetjens - 2011 Ashoka Globalizer

  50. Fábio Rosa - 2011 Ashoka Globalizer

  51. Sharon Terry - 2011 Ashoka Globalizer

  52. "All is one -- and we're in this together."

  53. Prince of Asturias Award Press Conference with Bill Drayton

  54. Anamaria talks about her return to Ashoka

  55. Empathy 101: Serve.

  56. Empathy 101: Imagine.

  57. Empathy 101: Articulate others' feelings

  58. Empathy 101: Listen to others' needs.

  59. Empathy 101: Infuse empathy in all subject matter.

  60. Empathy 101: Integrate the personal and professional.

  61. Empathy 101: Don't react, absorb.

  62. Empathy 101: Flatten hierarchy.

  63. Empathy 101: Begin at home.

  64. Empathy 101: Reflect within. Listen without.

  65. Empathy 101: Fill your teammates' emotional tanks.

  66. Empathy 101: Unlock what kids are born with. (Play!)

  67. Empathy 101: Experience + Response = Outcome

  68. Empathy 101: Practice before you teach.

  69. Empathy 101: Build relationships. (Hint: Differences are a good thing.)

  70. Empathy 101: Transform the helped to helper.

  71. Empathy 101: Validate every voice.

  72. Empathy 101: Live it.

  73. Empathy 101: Parents: Start by sharing, not by asking.

  74. Empathy 101: Feel. Imagine. Do. Share.

  75. Journalist Jenny Hoff Shares Her A-Ha Moment

  76. Atlas Corps Founder Scott Beale Wishes Ashoka Happy Birthday

  77. Announcing AshokaHub: One Space, Many Minds

  78. Ashoka & Bill Drayton's Birthdays

  79. Un-edited Bill Drayton

  80. Bill Drayton -Ashoka 30 year celebration message

  81. Ashoka's Hybrid Value Chain in Brazil

  82. Introducing: The Ashoka Globalizer

  83. Developing a Positive Body Image

  84. Everyone A Changemaker

  85. Merging Missions

  86. Ashoka & Western Union: Cross-Sector Collaboration for Social Change

  87. Ashoka at CGI: Nigeria Fellow Dr. Joseph Adelegan

  88. Ashoka at CGI: Fiona Darroch, Founding Director of Protimos, Reports

  89. Ashoka at CGI: Nonprofit Mentorship Edition

  90. Ashoka at CGI: Peru Fellow Albina Ruiz

  91. Ashoka at CGI: India Fellow Jyoti Mhapsekar

  92. Ashoka at CGI: India Fellow Satyan Mishra

  93. Ashoka at CGI: Brazil Ashoka Fellow Vera Cordeiro

  94. Ashoka at CGI: Leticia Brenyah, Ashoka's Changemakers and ExxonMobil Innovator

  95. Ashoka at CGI: Indonesia Fellow Tri Mumpuni

  96. Ashoka at CGI: Brazil Fellow Rodrigo de Mello Brito

  97. Ashoka at CGI: India Fellow Mukti Bosco

  98. Ashoka at CGI: US Fellow Jill Vialet

  99. Ashoka at CGI: US Fellow Elizabeth Hausler