1. My Tent before the Predicted BIG Storm

  2. Nice View of my Campsite

  3. Enjoying my Campfire in the Dark Forest

  4. The Moon and Venus in the Night Sky Here in Southeast Ohio

  5. More of My Campfire and listening to the Coyotes Howling

  6. My Campfire Behind the Former Heldman Picnic Area

  7. My First Campfire Since Returning

  8. Night Settling In Ohio's Wayne National Forest

  9. Full Moon At Camp

  10. Back in the Wayne National Forest!!!

  11. Hiking Down Park Hill

  12. Back on Park Hill

  13. Camping at Kanakakee State Park

  14. Angelo the Waiter at the Maharaja

  15. The Maharaja In Madison WisconSIN

  16. Me Being Forced out of the Baraboo WisconSIN Walmart

  17. Me Being Harrassed at the Baraboo WisconSIN Walmart-Shews How Walmart Persecutes It's Customers

  18. Heading Into the Baraboo WisconSIN Walmart

  19. Just Watching Some Ralphie!

  20. My Brother's New Camp Cot

  21. My Brother Chris Opening His Gift

  22. My Brother's Gift

  23. Just Exchanging Some Christmas Gifts

  24. Christmas 2009 In Akron Ohio

  25. Heading For Akron Ohio

  26. Trying To Get My Fire Going Dear Viewer

  27. My Last Night At Camp Dear Viewer

  28. Enjoying Some Tea Masala On this Cold December Evening

  29. Snowy Southeast Ohio!

  30. Just Back at Camp-FIRST Snow of the Season!!!!

  31. Snowy Day at Lamping Homestead Recreational Area

  32. My Campsite at Token Creek County Park

  33. First Snowfall Here in Southeast Ohio

  34. The Following Morning In My Tent

  35. Me In My Tent

  36. Heading Into the Tent For the Night

  37. Just Me at My Campsite Dear Viewer

  38. Now Time For A Campfire

  39. Still Driving On Ohio SR 26

  40. Driving Down SR 26

  41. Getting Ready To Head To Parkersburg West Virginia

  42. Lamping Homestead Camping Back In December of 2009

  43. My Tent as Seen in Oak Grove park

  44. Making Camp In Oak Grove Park

  45. Madan and Jersey At The Maharaja

  46. Me Outside The Maharaja on Odana Road

  47. Back In MADison WisconSIN

  48. Driving North On I-39

  49. Getiing Back On the Road Dear Viewer

  50. Just My Campsite at the Chippewa Campground

  51. Just Me At Kankakee State Park-Chippewa Campground

  52. My USMC Combat Tent at Kankakee State Park Illinois

  53. Coming Into Winamac Indiana Dear Viewer

  54. Nearing Winamac Indiana

  55. Coming To Akron Indiana on SR 14

  56. Approaching Silver Lake Indiana

  57. Heading for South Whitley Indiana

  58. Getting Ready To Get On the Road

  59. Me In A Taste of India

  60. Just Me In Ft.Wayne Indiana

  61. Driving On US 30 in Western Ohio

  62. On My Way Back To the Drunk State

  63. My Brother and the Little Coconut

  64. Just the Kids Playing Featuring Joey Woey the Cigar Eater!

  65. My Little Coconut and Nephew Tyler

  66. Just My Little Coconut

  67. Severe Thunderstorm In Newcomerstown Ohio!

  68. Yes My Campfire AGAIN!

  69. Campfire

  70. More Of My Nightly Campfire Dear Viewer

  71. Another Campfire Dear Viewer!

  72. My Campsite the Following Morn

  73. Just another Lovely Evening Here At Camp

  74. Back at the Former Helden Picnic Area-Starting My Campfire With Swedish Firesteel

  75. More of the Cold Front Approaching Lake Farm Campground Dear Viewer

  76. Cold Front Approaching Dear Viewer

  77. Sunday Evening here at Lake Farm Campground

  78. Cranking up the Campfire

  79. More at Camp

  80. More of Me at Camp Dear Viewer

  81. More of My Campfire Here At Hune Bridge

  82. My First Campfire Here At Hune Bridge Campground

  83. Just My Eureka! Combat Tent Dear Viewer

  84. Lake Farm Campground in Madison WisconSIN

  85. Thunderstorm in Madison WisconSIN

  86. Making Tea Masala at Hune Bridge Campground

  87. Driving Across the Hune Covered Bridge Back To Camp

  88. My Campsite As Seen from SR 26

  89. My Campsite At Hune Bridge

  90. Enjoying Sunday Evening at Camp

  91. Mr.Moon At Camp

  92. Fire Going Well Dear Viewer

  93. Got My Campfire Blazing Dear Viewer!

  94. Starting My Campfire After a Rainy Sunday

  95. Coming Back To Camp

  96. Rainy Morning Here At Camp

  97. Windstorm at Camp

  98. Keeping My Fire Maintained Dear Viewer

  99. Just Enjoying My Fire