1. A long-overdue honor

  2. Visiting Dozier school

  3. Exposing false political attack ads

  4. No pay for inaction

  5. Ending long voting lines

  6. North Korean nuclear test

  7. Preserving the Everglades

  8. About Hillary Clinton

  9. Nelson on immigration reform

  10. Former U.S. Marine released

  11. Senator: GOP operatives orchestrated Florida voting changes

  12. Senator calls on Mexico to release ex-Marine

  13. Working to resolve fiscal cliff

  14. Bipartisanship needed for challenges ahead

  15. Possible al Qaeda links

  16. Jobs for vets

  17. Removing roadblocks for veterans

  18. Right to vote

  19. Student loans

  20. Cracking down on oil traders

  21. NBC Tampa recap of tax fraud hearing

  22. Fraudsters steal identities, collect tax refunds

  23. WEAR-TV reports on RESTORE Act

  24. Gulf communities to keep BP spill money

  25. High-school student wins temp stay in U.S.

  26. Spies hack NASA computer systems

  27. Nightline report on air marshal investigation

  28. CBS News report on air marshal investigation

  29. ABC News report on air marshal investigation

  30. Election Laws Hearing pre-recorded opening remarks

  31. Nelson on Voter Suppression

  32. The Levinson mystery

  33. Boeing to build at Kennedy Space Center

  34. Bomb plot linked to Iran

  35. Tax reform and deficit reduction

  36. Honoring Thom Rumberger

  37. Debt plan should pass, Nelson urges

  38. Nelson predicts passage of new debt plan

  39. Eleventh-hour debt plan

  40. What's next for America in Space?

  41. Jobs coming to Port of Miami: Nelson on WSVN

  42. Help for citrus research

  43. Nelson addresses federal debt on Face the Nation

  44. Nelson on space industry in Florida

  45. Nelson on America's space program

  46. Elisha Dawkins Case

  47. Afghanistan

  48. Empowering Local Communities

  49. Oil Speculators

  50. Fleecing taxpayers

  51. bin Laden photos

  52. Nelson Grills BP on Tax Breaks

  53. Nelson on impact of bin Laden's death

  54. Fighting to protect Medicare

  55. Trying to bring down gas prices

  56. Sen. Bill Nelson's reaction to state High Court decision on high-speed rail case

  57. Nelson Budget committee remarks on high-speed rail

  58. Nelson reacts to Gov Scott on high-speed rail

  59. Nelson on high-speed rail

  60. Sen. Nelson on the president's budget

  61. Senator's reaction to unfolding events in Egypt

  62. Nelson wants executive-branch review of oil spill fund

  63. Nelson offers common sense approach on health-care divide

  64. Nelson on situation in Egypt

  65. See-through-the-wall radar

  66. Nelson on Challenger anniversary

  67. SOTU

  68. President agrees to Nelson's position on oil drilling off Florida's Gulf coast

  69. Sen. Nelson talks about the oil spill with Andrea Mitchell

  70. Sen. Nelson on CNN - oil spill contained at last

  71. Senator offers details on tax breaks for people and small businesses hard hit by oil spill

  72. A tribute to Sen. Byrd

  73. Nelson on CNN's The Situation Room

  74. Sen. Nelson: close oil regulators revolving door to sex, gifts, trips, jobs

  75. On the seabed

  76. Never before seen footage

  77. Sen. Nelson release of BP leak video 4

  78. Sen. Nelson release of BP leak video 3

  79. Sen. Nelson release of BP leak video 2

  80. Sen. Nelson release of BP leak video 1

  81. Senator calls for halt to oil drilling

  82. Nelson reacts to Obama space plan on Hardball

  83. Nelson on extending unemployment benefits

  84. Senator: health bill has my vote

  85. Nelson talks about the Acreage at Senate Environment and Public Works Committee hearing

  86. Restoring sanity to Wall Street

  87. Senator to carmakers: profits should never trump safety

  88. Senator: NASA budget ignores presidential commission on manned space flight

  89. Sen. Bill Nelson on the president's NASA budget

  90. Sen. Bill Nelson's reaction to President Obama's speech

  91. Floridas future riding on high-speed rails

  92. Nelson: Cut red tape in Haiti for most vulnerable quake victims

  93. Nelson on providing medical care to Haiti earthquake victims

  94. New push for high-speed rail jobs

  95. Nelson: Allow the purchase low cost imported prescriptions

  96. Bill Nelson reacts to new report on future of America's space program

  97. Sen. Bill Nelson on the health-care vote

  98. Nelson on the health-care bill on CNN

  99. Nelson: Fuel space program with unspent stimulus $