1. Happy Happy Cassi Mail!!!

  2. Amazing Happy Mail from Miranda!!!

  3. Announcement & Amazing Happy Mail!!!

  4. A Sweet Gift from Joanne (jhoclueless) =)

  5. Surprise Gift from Becca (CraftsDotCupCake)!!!

  6. A Sweet Gift from Olga (MissAnyona)

  7. A Wonderful Birthday Prezzie from Deb (2113deb) ~ June 2012 ~

  8. A Sweet Birthday Prezzie from Cassi (flipacano2)

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  10. My Winnings from 1craftcottage's Giveaway!!!

  11. My Birthday Prezzie from Joanne!!!

  12. Birthday Swap from Becca (CraftsDotCupCake) Part 1 of 2

  13. Birthday Swap from Becca (CraftsDotCupCake) Part 2 of 2

  14. Happy Happy Cassi Mail Thank YOU!!!

  15. Happy Mail from Joy (ArtAngelsDesigns)!!!

  16. Sweet Gift from Deb (deb2113)

  17. Happy Mail from Karen (JBLdyScrapper48)!!!

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  19. Happy Happy Cassi Mail!!!

  20. Another Wonderful RAK from Deb (2113deb)

  21. OMG!!! Happy Mail from Deb (2113deb)

  22. Christmas Prezzi from Cassi!!!

  23. Happy Mail from Hilda (lohlohloh)

  24. Happy Mail from Leonie (MyPassionForPaper)

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  26. Happy Mail from Tina (topcropper)

  27. OMG!!! Happy Cassi Mail ~ Nov. 2011 ~

  28. Happy Mail: My WOC YT Hop Winnings & a Gift from Pam (theoneandonlygrand)

  29. Happy Mail from Lina (SweetNothingsPaperCo)

  30. Happy Mail from Deb (2113deb)

  31. Christmas Swap with Becca (CraftsDotCupCake)

  32. Happy Mail from Debbie (debbiestip)

  33. Happy Mail from Cassi (flipacano2) ~ Sept 2011

  34. RAK from Karen (JBLdyScrapper48)

  35. Another Wonderful RAK from Joanne!

  36. Happy Mail from Cassi

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  41. Swap & Mini Album Kit from Cassi~ July 2011 ~

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  43. Birthday RAK from Pam: THANK YOU!!!

  44. RAK from Deb: Thank YOU!!!

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  46. RAK & Mini Album Kit from Cassi: Staring Keira & Kona LOL!

  47. My Swap from Terry!!! THANK YOU TERRY!!!

  48. Happy Mail: Swap & RAK from Meri!!! THANK YOU Meri!!!

  49. Package from Cassi: Another Swap!!! THANK YOU CASSI :-)

  50. My Package from Cassi

  51. Happy Happy Cassi Mail!!!

  52. Wonderful Happy Mail from Marta (craftysassymarta)

  53. My Winnings from: A Thing for Bling =D

  54. More Happy Mail from Tina (topcropper)

  55. The Piece By Piece DT Package

  56. More Happy Mail from Tina (topcropper)

  57. Wonderful Happy Mail from Marta (craftysassymarta)

  58. My Winnings from: A Thing for Bling =D

  59. Happy Happy Cassi Mail!!!

  60. Amazing Happy Mail from Miranda!!!

  61. Happy Mail from France!!! Thank you Sabine!!!

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