1. Liquid Fertiliser and BMO

  2. My Garden

  3. 2010 Hyosung GV250 EFI engine stutter

  4. Automatic chicken door

  5. Finding Self Resonant Frequency of an inductor

  6. No spectrum analyser help vid

  7. My new shed

  8. Initial investigations regarding 3 coil system

  9. Possible link to z series in background noise

  10. Sec tuning to lattice vibrations

  11. Silencing the radio with sec 18

  12. board test

  13. Homemade sec board w lattice excitation

  14. Progress notes

  15. Spatial resonance of coil dependent on more than you'd think.

  16. Exciting the lattice

  17. Finding the Spatial Self Resonance of SEC 15 Tower

  18. Investigating the theory behind Bedini's rectifier cell

  19. Bedini Crystal Rectifier Cell

  20. Happy new year 2011

  21. kinetic energy multiplier theory

  22. gravity assisted kinetic energy multiplier.3gp

  23. Cheap Solar Panel Project

  24. Joule Theif Evolution; The Eternity Light Project

  25. the reason I've gone quiet lately.. :)

  26. can I delay a second voltage spike to increase charge time?

  27. presentation on accessing the kinetic properties of the aether, part 4 in a series of 4

  28. presentation on the properties of the aether, part 3

  29. presentation on the properties of the aether, part 2

  30. presentation on the properties of the aether, part 1

  31. for replicators

  32. energy gain from 6 hr run of tesla switch bedini hybrid

  33. ts bedini hybrid, for ewizard

  34. tesla switch bedini hybrid

  35. possum at my back door

  36. variable pulse width square wave signal generator with protection from inductive spikes

  37. bedini coil tesla switch hybrid test run start

  38. bedini coil tesla switch hybrid part 2

  39. bedini coil tesla switch hybrid lab notes

  40. explaining my current line of experimentation

  41. pos and neg spikes

  42. dielectric emf recycler

  43. TS commutator

  44. testing a flash boil steam engine

  45. chemtrails being made by aircraft

  46. criscrossing chemtrails

  47. subtle pearlescant sheen in chemtrail

  48. chemtrails above Hornsby NSW AUS

  49. an idea to harness exploding steam to run an engine

  50. bringing it all together?

  51. recovering a battery that has been abused and won't hold charge

  52. need help with a circuit

  53. second explanation of what happens once capacitor is conditioned

  54. theory of what is happening to a conditioned capacitor

  55. capacitor charge and discharge test, post 30min conditioning.

  56. capacitor charge and discharge test, pre conditioning.

  57. how to quickly condition a capacitor to accept a radiant charge more readily (4 times faster)

  58. dc vs coil collapse cap charge

  59. double checking conditioned capacitor charging experiment

  60. conditioned capacitor v not; charge and discharge differences

  61. centraflow's STEAP video

  62. capacitor discharge

  63. semi conditioned capacitor rebound

  64. looking for spontaneous recharging of capacitors

  65. poor man's spectrum analyser becomes reality

  66. poor man's spectrum analyser theory of operation

  67. fine tuning the sec without a spectrum analyser

  68. poor man's spectrum analyser for the sec

  69. quick comparison; mass repeater v not

  70. need help crunching numbers with sec 15-3 and mass repeaters

  71. sec 15-3 mass repeaters, only 9v

  72. sec 15-3 mass repeaters

  73. clean sine wave to avramenko plugs experiment

  74. low power high frequency xtal colpitts oscillator

  75. rep of gotoluc's flip flop non loading energy retrieval with avramenko plug

  76. Attack of the Lorikeet

  77. Courageous Cockatoo

  78. mhz oscillator 1 transistor

  79. determining the output of the sec

  80. capacitor spontaneously filling with sec 15-3 turned off

  81. excited mass and apparent gain differences

  82. sec exciter energy gain (NOT RF)

  83. definitely not rectified hertzian waves in excited field of sec 15-3

  84. sec 15-3 tophat communication, not inductance, not RF, not hv, not capacitive either?

  85. evidence to suggest cohesion is not HV / RF

  86. breadboard's last hoorah, and the SEC's interaction with the environment