1. 20070603a Kat helps clean the rat cage

  2. 20070601a Kat and her 'push' chair

  3. 20070524d Walking backwards

  4. 20070524a Kathleen walking

  5. 20070509b Kat got into the baking cupboard

  6. 20070421b Kathleen playing

  7. 20070421a Kathleen walking

  8. 20070420b Kat plays outside

  9. 20070409a Kat plays with the squirty bottle

  10. 20070408k Lindale Farm

  11. 20070329a Kat's first steps

  12. 20070307a Stand up Kat

  13. 20070118a Reading a book

  14. 20070110c Kat playing

  15. 20070110a Making funny sounds

  16. 20070109a Bouncy Baby

  17. 20061225k Kathleen opens presents

  18. 20061225j Kathleen opens presents

  19. 20061201c Sunnyhaven Ave part II

  20. 20061201b Sunnyhaven Ave

  21. 20061127b Kathleen eating dinner

  22. 20061126e Kat crawls across the beach

  23. 20061126d Kat plays at the beach

  24. 20061126c Kat plays at the beach

  25. 20061105b Cruising

  26. 20061105a Cruising

  27. 20061102g Kat eats couscous

  28. 20061016a Kathleen eating cheese

  29. 20061008b Kat crawling down the hall

  30. 20061007a Playing on the bed

  31. 20061005a Playing peekaboo

  32. 20061002a Playing peekaboo

  33. 20060916p Having fun at Lindale Farm

  34. 20060908b Kathleen and Mimi

  35. 20060905b Kat plays with the cats water bowl

  36. 20060903a Kat gets into the tissues

  37. 20060814b Kat crawls and sits up

  38. 20060814a Kat crawling

  39. 20060811a Kat sits herself up

  40. 20060804f Da da da da

  41. 20060804e More rolling

  42. 20060801b Kat stands up

  43. 20060728b Wrapped up in the sheet

  44. 20060718e Playing

  45. 20060714a Dancing

  46. 20060630i Richard playing Basketball

  47. 20060630g Richard playing Basketball

  48. 20060630f Richard playing Basketball

  49. 20060627c Laughing

  50. 20060625b Kat learns to play the musical toy

  51. 20060625a Eating Pears

  52. 20060619a Solids Day 3

  53. 20060617f Kat's first meal

  54. 20060616a Silly Baby

  55. 20060615b Kat and the cats

  56. 20060517a Playing

  57. 20060510j Squealing

  58. 20060510i Sitting

  59. 20060510i Playing with Feet

  60. 20060503b Playing with Milka Cow 2

  61. 20060503b Playing with Milka Cow 1

  62. 20060426a Kat playing

  63. 20060411e Chatty Katty

  64. 20060411d Roll over

  65. 20060403b Tummy Time

  66. 20060306a Kat watches her mobile

  67. 20060227c Devil Baby

  68. 20060227b Talking Baby

  69. 20060227a Angel Baby

  70. 20060214b Wake up Kat

  71. 20060214a Wake up Kat

  72. 20060131a Oops. It's on movie

  73. 20060130n Going down the the Sky Tower lift

  74. 20060130g Going up the Sky Tower lift

  75. 20060130c Devonport

  76. Lawn mower

  77. 20060101ax Auckland Zoo

  78. 20060101aj Auckland Zoo

  79. 20060101ah Auckland Zoo

  80. 20060101ae Auckland Zoo

  81. 20070228c Kathleen stands up by herself

  82. 20070207a Kat eating a lemon

  83. 20070228d Duckie

  84. 20061228a Kat playing

  85. 20061201d Kat chases the ducks

  86. 20060825b Kathleen plays the drums

  87. 20060905a Kat and Cat

  88. 20060602d Sitting up

  89. 20060822c Drinking from the cup

  90. 20060624k Kat learns to play the musical toy

  91. 20060908a Kat and Dog

  92. 20060510g Playing

  93. 20060406a Chewing on the hand

  94. 20060503a Playing with Bumblebee

  95. 20060801a Kat learns to crawl backwards

  96. 20060407b Stand up Girl

  97. 20060804c Kat scoots on her back

  98. 20060804d Kat rolls over

  99. 20060718b Learning to crawl