1. Houston Pastor Argues for Discrimination Against Gays, Jews

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  11. Faith Leaders March on GOP Offices: McMorris Rodgers (R-WA)

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  13. Confronting Rep. Kevin Cramer Over Misusing the Bible

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  15. "It Doesn't Take a Miracle to Make a Moral Budget"

  16. Sister Simone Campbell Talks Nuns on the Bus with Colbert

  17. Faith Leaders Urge Congress to Extend Tax Credits

  18. Rev. Michael Livingston (National Council of Churches) Speaks Out on Tax Credits

  19. Jim Wallis (Sojourners) Speaks Out on Tax Credits

  20. Sr. Simone Campbell (NETWORK, a Catholic Social Justice Lobby) Speaks Out on Tax Credits

  21. Rev. Noel Castellanos (Christian Community Development Association) Speaks Out on Tax Credits

  22. David Beckmann (Bread for the World) Speaks Out on Tax Credits (Full Length)

  23. Rev. Jennifer Butler (Faith and Public Life) Speaks Out on Tax Credits

  24. David Beckmann (Bread for the World) Speaks Out on Tax Credits

  25. Catholic Bishop Repeats Right Wing Smear About Health Care Law

  26. Catholic Bishop: Religious Liberty All About Sex

  27. Catholic Bishop Fears "We Could Be Starting to Move in the Direction of License and Despotism"

  28. Paul Ryan Wants to Talk About the Facts

  29. Paul Ryan Disagrees on Catholic Teaching

  30. Paul Ryan Dismisses Catholic Bishops' Critique of His Budget

  31. Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) on the Moral Failings of the Ryan Budget

  32. Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) on the Moral Failings of the Ryan Budget

  33. Alabama Anchor Calls Clergy "So-Called Faith Leaders"

  34. Faith Leaders Speak Out on ALEC and the NRA

  35. Faithful Witnesses At Supreme Court

  36. Paul Ryan's Moral Obligation to Dismantle the Safety Net

  37. Paul Ryan Pays Lip Service to the Safety Net

  38. Robert George Refuses to Talk About His Role Funding Anti-Islam Extremists

  39. Bishop Lori Compares Birth Control to Beer

  40. Bishop Lori Explains the Limits of Religious Freedom

  41. Birth Control Hearing Witness Claims Government Can Make You Drink Wine, Eat Shellfish

  42. How Religious Exemptions Cost One Woman an Ovary

  43. Occupy CPAC

  44. Grover Norquist Talks Religious Freedom and Islam with Faith in Public Life at CPAC

  45. Robert Spencer Interview at CPAC

  46. Alabama Residents and Faith Leaders Protest HB56

  47. The People's Prayer Breakfast

  48. Rev. Gabe Salguero on Latino Evangelicals at CAP Panel

  49. Rep. Johnson Blasts EPA's Life-Saving Mercury Rule

  50. Romney Defends "Profit to Investors" as Best Model of Capitalism

  51. Faithful America delivers 30,000 signatures seeking Speaker O'Neal's resignation.mp4

  52. Kansas Pastors Deliver 30,000 Signatures Calling for Speaker Mike O'Neal's Resignation

  53. Rick Perry Condemns Critique of Marines Who Desecrated Corpses in Afghanistan

  54. GOP Debate Audience Boos the Golden Rule

  55. Catholics United Delivers Wall Street Tax Petition to Speaker Boehner's Office

  56. Rev. J. Herbert Nelson Calls for Extending Unemployment Benefits

  57. Director of Combating Terrorism Center at West Point Describes Importance Good Training Materials

  58. Rep. King Highlights the 6,000+ U.S. Muslim Servicemembers

  59. King Hearing Witness Rebuts Rep. King's Central Claim

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  64. Dr. Robert P. Jones on Religious Views on Income Inequality

  65. Jose Casanova on the Theodicy of Good Fortune and Income Inequality

  66. Speaker Boehner on the American Dream on This Week

  67. Clergy Pray Outside Mayor Rahm Emmanuel's Office for Occupy Movement

  68. Clergy Deliver Faithful America Petitions Opposing Violence Against Occupy Movements

  69. Rabbi Steve Gutow Takes the Food Stamp Challenge

  70. CSPAN 10 22 2011 20 54 40

  71. Interview with Occupy San Francisco protestors

  72. Fr. Tom Reese Explains the Vatican's Document Supporting Financial Regulation

  73. Tavis Smiley speaks with Jim Wallis, CEO of Sojourners

  74. Sister Simone Campbell Speaks at American Jobs at Prayer Vigil

  75. Rev. Paul Sherry Speaks at American Jobs at Prayer Vigil

  76. Eric Cantor on Defunding All Organizations that Offer Abortion Services

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  83. Hussein Rashad Debunks Myth of No Muslim Outcry to 9/11, Stands up to Islamophobia

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  86. Rev. Jennifer Butler of Faith in Public Life Arrested at Capitol Protesting Immoral Budget Cuts

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