1. Seaside Heights Jet Star Roller Coaster Removal Video by EarthCam

  2. One World Trade Center Spire Installation Time-Lapse & Video by EarthCam

  3. One World Trade Center Spire Ascent

  4. Official George W. Bush Presidential Center Construction Time-Lapse

  5. Official Hearst Building Time-Lapse

  6. Official Duke Medicine Time-Lapse

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  8. Official Haiti Palace Demolition Time-Lapse

  9. New Year's 2013 Times Square Celebrations

  10. Official New Year's 2013 Worldwide Celebration Time-Lapse

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  12. Bellagio Conservatory Tree Lighting Time-lapse

  13. Official Perot Museum of Nature and Science Construction Time-Lapse

  14. Official Statue of Liberty Renovation

  15. Live Giraffe Birth at The Greenville Zoo

  16. Lake Champlain Bridge Time-Lapse

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  18. Pirates of the Caribbean Time-Lapse

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  27. Space Shuttle Enterprise Journey to the Intrepid: EarthCam Official Time-Lapse Compilation

  28. Space Shuttle Enterprise @ USS Intrepid: EarthCam Official Homecoming Time-Lapse

  29. Space Shuttle Enterprise Journey: Official EarthCam Time-Lapse

  30. One World Trade Center 2004-2012

  31. Miami Marlins New Ballpark

  32. Imagine Peace Tower

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  37. 25 Most Interesting Webcams of 2011

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  52. Rapid Bridge Build Massachusetts Department of Transportation

  53. Bridge Hyperbuild

  54. Coney Island

  55. Kicking Horse

  56. The Irvine Company Apartment Communities

  57. Armed Forces Retirement Home

  58. Fox River Bridge

  59. Alcatex Server Room

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  61. San Francisco Bay Bridge Skyway View

  62. San Francisco Bay Bridge Yerba Buena

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  64. The Standard Hotel

  65. Amway Center

  66. Martin Luther King Memorial

  67. Flight 93 Memorial