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TLDR: Which Smartphone is Best for New (Older) Users?

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Streamed live on Mar 14, 2014

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Earle Greene: iPad Mini with Retina Display 64gb for $599 vs. refurbished Ipad Mini 1st Gen 64gb for $419 (current prices at Apple Store online). Which is the better buy? Is a 1st Gen Ipad Mini still worth it?

Lyn Wildwood: My parents would like to start using smartphones, but they are not that tech savvy. What platform or smartphone do you think would be the easiest for them to learn and operate?

Jack Stavris: Do you like beans?

Ahamed Nafeez: Do you think Facebook statuses can take over Reddit AMAs?

Peter Petropoulos: Just wondering, do you like KISS (band)?

Raymundo Canales: Do you like turtles

Andy Portia: Are you getting the new Mac Pro?

Yudhish Ks: why have you stopped doing phone reviews?

Mike Bobbitt: Do you like darth maul

Andreas Kostantopoulos: If you were a hotdog, and you were starving, would you eat yourself?

Cathy Cathy: Do you play World of Warcraft? Why not?

Ilirian Luta: Have you ever slept in the kitchen?

Georgi Nikolov: are you gonna allow your child to play any kind of games? even the overaged

Stephen Daniel Di Decu: Would you like to be the CEO of Apple one day?

Josh Robinson: Kirk or Picard?

Rey Sanchez: How many idevices are there in your household?

Jimmy Cortez: I going to an interview at the apple store. What do you suggest I do to prepare for it?

Kirk Broyles: Do you think apple should make a iphone with a larger screen like the note from samsung?

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