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  1. Nuclear Warfare in the "New Cold War"

  2. The International Banking Cartel (I)

  3. The International Banking Cartel (II)

  4. WTC7 -- This is an Orange

  5. ReThink911: The Evidence Might Surprise You

  6. 9/11 FireFighters - THREE Explosions After Plane Hit WTC

  7. Rosie O'Donnell & William Rodriguez On 9/11/2008

  8. Collateral Murder Bradley Manning Leaked Video Clip

  9. [Deleted Video]

  10. US in bed with Al-Qaeda: George Galloway

  11. PRISM Whistleblower — Edward Snowden in his own words


  13. Canada Under Siege - Part 1 - The Tar Sands, Free Trade, & Government

  14. Council on Foreign Relations

  15. Psychopathy in Politics and Finance - Stefan Verstappen on GRTV

  16. Noam Chomsky: US, a top terrorist state

  17. Whistle Blower Threatened with 35 Years in Prison, Warns of Developing Tyranny

  18. The US banking system

  19. ALEC Charged with Tax Fraud For Secretive Financed Junkets for Legislators

  20. ALEC Turns 40, But Who's Behind It?

  21. The Crime of Ecocide

  22. Manning trial & its secrecy

  23. Danish Judge Frederik Harhoff Reveals a Dangerous Trend in the ICTY

  24. Sheikh Imran Hosein - Russia, Syria and the End Times

  25. Inside the vaults of the Vatican bank

  26. GMO's Explained: Dr. Thierry Vrain "The Gene Revolution"

  27. The Truthseeker: Obama's arrest, Bush's trial (E18)

  28. Obama called "war criminal" & "hypocrite of the century" in Irish Parliament

  29. The US unemployment official figure, a big bold lie

  30. Grassroots Rising: The People's Movement Against Monsanto

  31. Canadian police accused of cracking down on journalists

  32. Chossudovsky: Criminal and Complicit Mainstream Media

  33. Hawking and the Growing Israel Boycott Movement

  34. Hawking's Boycott and Israeli Propaganda Tactics

  35. SIX MILLION JEWS 1915-1938 HD

  36. How the Dzhokhar Tsarnaev photo was patched - (Example 01)

  37. Proof - Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's Back-Pack was photo-shopped out

  38. Press Conference: Release of Task Force Report on Detainee Treatment

  39. Chossudovsky: Korean Crossroads: US Wish for Pre-emptive Action 'Prelude to Global Warfare'

  40. Ken O'Keefe in Tehran - "Iran is not the threat, we are." - American Patriots Rise

  41. Providence — a short film featuring Bradley Manning's voice

  42. US backs terrorism under mask of war on terror: Michel Chossudovsky

  43. The Life and Legacy of Hugo Chavez

  44. UN demands prosecution of Bush-era crimes

  45. Harper govt.'s complicity in torture of Guantanamo prisoners condemned

  46. Activists Labelled "Terrorists" By Canadian Government - Press TV

  47. Harper Government to Revoke Citizenship of Those Deemed "Terrorists" - PRESS TV

  48. WW3 Report: NATO invades Africa, Israel Bombs Syria

  49. Gimme Some Truth about Fracking - Gov Cuomo - Don't Frack New York!

  50. Idle No More: The Voice of a Movement

  51. Cleric Qadri: 'Best time for people's revolt in Pakistan is now' (RT EXCLUSIVE)

  52. Saudi Arabia, the big oil & US foreign policy (II)

  53. البروباجندا 3-2

  54. If Israel Is A Terrorist State, What Does That Make The U.S.?

  55. Israel did 9/11 - All the Proof in the World

  56. American Democracy — The Funeral

  57. Syria- 9/11, WW3 and the 3rd Element (Full Documentary)

  58. Armed Chinese Troops in Texas!

  59. Spain Protestors Evict Police Amid Wave Of Brutality

  60. Spain Police Beating Everyone: A Warning To America

  61. 'Israel causing slow genocide in Gaza'

  62. The Declaration of Natural Rights

  63. Samouni Project Classroom Update from Gaza - Ken O'Keefe & Max Igan

  64. Max Igan & Ken O'Keefe in Gaza - False Flags & America's 'National Interest' - September 2012

  65. Assange to UN: US is trying to build a 'regime of secrecy'

  66. Jalal Zolfonoun - Balouch (with photos of Iran)

  67. WTC7 in Freefall--No Longer Controversial

  68. Syrian Fake Revolution (((((MUST WATCH!!!))))

  69. Fight The New World Order with Global Non Compliance (Full Version)

  70. New World Order The Final Solution

  71. GRAY STATE Official Concept Trailer #1

  72. EXPLOSIVE TESTIMONY! / MacQueen NYFD 9/11 witnesses

  73. America Loves Israel. Why??

  74. 'West invented Al-Qaeda, monster turned on master'

  75. Forced Vaccinations and the Death of Health Freedom

  76. NOT for the immature! Zionist Antichrist will rule the NWO

  77. The Julian Assange Show: Noam Chomsky & Tariq Ali (E10)

  78. Doctor and medical student interrupt Minister Joe Oliver at press conference

  79. Rand Paul Confronted on Mitt Romney Endorsement

  80. Rand Paul before endorsing Romney on Bilderberg and Goldman Sachs

  81. Hey Banksters: We Are Fully Awake

  82. Kucinich: US 'sanction warfare' makes real Iran war inevitable

  83. 90 Canadian Physicians protest dangerous cuts to Refugee Health Care at MP Joe Oliver's office

  84. Julian Assange's The World Tomorrow: Nabeel Rajab & Alaa Abd El-Fattah (E4)

  85. The Money Changers Then And Now

  86. Falkvinge exclusive: Battle for Internet on, Big Brother at the gate

  87. Julian Assange's The World Tomorrow: Hassan Nasrallah (E1)

  88. Ken O'Keefe gives stirring speech in London, UK, 2012 (Full Video)

  89. Farrakhan: "Arab Spring" & AFRICOM is a U.S. Military Operation to Control Resources

  90. 'CIA feeds us bad info on Iran nukes' - IAEA ex-head

  91. The Real US-Israel Special Relationship

  92. Biometric ID Schemes Around the World - GRTV Behind the Headlines

  93. Biometric ID And The Coming Cashless Society

  94. Indefinite Detention: The NDAA and the Enemy Expatriation Act

  95. Media Lies and the Onset of War

  96. Bank Of Canada Offers 0% Interest Free Loans

  97. Canada Issued Debt-Free Money From 1935-1974

  98. The Case Against The Bank Of Canada

  99. Bradley Manning Heads for Trial; No One Charged for Murdered Civilians

  100. Chris Martenson, "If we're at Peak Oil we might have 10 or 5 Years"

  101. Paul Craig Roberts: We have a republican party that is a Gestapo party

  102. 'World fears US as a war-hungry drunk' - ex-Senator

  103. Paving The Way For A North American Union

  104. Iraq Nation Of Tears 1-2

  105. Iraq Nation Of Tears 2-2

  106. Ofcom vs. Press TV-Comment-10-13-2011

  107. Veterans bring the war home

  108. Insiders Reveal Fukushima Secrets

  109. Canada-US Border Deal Threatens Sovereignty

  110. Our Nuclear World (GRTV Feature Report)

  111. 9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out, Full-length, Pre-Release-v1.3; Low-Res.

  112. 9/11: A Conspiracy Theory

  113. Remembering 9/11: 10 Years of War

  114. Watch. This. Film.

  115. Reply to Stephen Harper's - Canada's Biggest Security Threat

  116. Thomas Kean Runs Away From 911 Cover Up

  117. 9/11 TRUTH: Jewish Ex-Marine SPEAKS OUT on Israeli Involvement (MUST WATCH)

  118. Larry Silverstein no response to WTC 7 lies

  119. 9/11 10th year Anniversary AE911Truth

  120. Farrakhan Full Speech: War on Libya, Africa (Harlem, NY)

  121. Ahmadinejad to RT: Europe, US need freedom most of all (Exclusive Interview)

  122. Syria At The Crossroads

  123. 'Arabs must unite in face of Western expansion'

  124. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gets 29 standing ovations from Congress

  125. The Globalists are losing Control of their System

  126. It's Time to End Large Grid Energy - May 2011

  127. Ethan McCord, Former US army specialist-The Autograph-05-11-2011-(Part2)

  128. Ethan McCord, Former US army specialist-The Autograph-05-11-2011-(Part1)

  129. Money breeds crime: 'Give people what they need'

  130. Into The Fire (The Whole World Is Watching)

  131. Times Square video screens hacked!

  132. Chinese dig deep for water

  133. 2011: Year of Illumination

  134. The American Dream By The Provocateur Network

  135. Graham Hancock, his fact findings views on our Ancient past

  136. 9/11: False-Flag Terrorism - The Precedents & The Reality

  137. Crash of the Monetary System, War, and a Choice


  139. A history of Student Revolt - Timeline by John Rees

  140. Statism Is Slavery

  141. The Fed, Gold, and Troubled Times | John V. Denson

  142. Dr. Ahmadinejad on 9/11 Attacks, Palestine & Quran Burning | Sept. 23, 2010

  143. The Planned Overthrow of China

  144. Coal Ash and the Gruesome Lethal Lakes

  145. Israeli Propaganda Machine in US Exposed - Blitzer, Duke

  146. Double Vendetta — The Insanity of the Iran Confrontation

  147. Cheonan sunk by mine, not North Korea?

  148. Israeli Terrorism, Sen. Schumer Terrorism Support and Treason

  149. It's Now or Never - Boycott BP, Oil, & Corporate Greed

  150. Kenneth Nichols O'Keefe Tells About What Israelis Did

  151. 3-19-11 Update & Matt Simmons: "Theres another leak, much bigger, 5 to 6 miles away"

  152. Amateur Video Of Gulf Oil Slick - Worse Than BP Admits May 7 2010

  153. U.S. Votes Against U.N. Rights Council On Israel

  154. The United States vs. China

  155. Crimes Against Humanity - Yesterday & Today

  156. Obama Renews PATRIOT Act

  157. Bill Moyers, Justice for Sale (1)

  158. Bill Moyers, Buying the Courts, Jeff Toobin_2

  159. New 9/11 photos 'prove WTC exploded from inside'

  160. Obama Supports Assassinations of U.S. Citizens

  161. US losing face in Latin America?

  162. Leaked climate draft sparks anger - 09 Dec 09

  163. Government passes law to keep records of all e-mails, phonecalls and text messages

  164. US is trying to solidify control over Latin America

  165. The Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex Pt1

  166. Pt2 The Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex

  167. Pt3 The Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex

  168. The Time for Revolution is Now 2009 - 2015 (sponsered by Muse - Uprising)

  169. Al-Zeidi defends shoe-throwing - 15 Sep 09

  170. Timeline: Afghanistan: John Rees on the history of imperial intervention and resistance

  171. TONY BENN MP (Part 1) "END THE WAR ON TERROR", 26 March 2009

  172. TONY BENN MP (Part 2) "END THE WAR ON TERROR", 26 March 2009

  173. Israeli spokesman gets shut up by Alex Thomson CH 4 News

  174. DECLINE of EMPIRES: The Signs of Decay

  175. The BLOWBACK SYNDROME: Oil Wars and Overreach

  176. Chalmers Johnson - Speaking Freely

  177. Advice for those considering joining the military

  178. Network

  179. Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex.

  180. Sheikh Imran Hosein - Beyond September 11 (Part 1 of 2)

  181. Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve

  182. William Rodriguez Last Man To Make It Out Of The Twin Towers Alive