1. Workshop overview w/ Dr. Carol Phillips

  2. My story of how I got into Chiropractic - Dr. Carol Phillips

  3. Craniosacral Therapy for Toddlers

  4. Dr. Carol Phillips Craniosacral Therapy with Newborn

  5. Dr. Carol Phillips Psoas and Leg Release of Newborn Footlin

  6. Dr. Carol Phillips Pelvic Diaphragm Release of Newborn born

  7. Toddler Training

  8. Dr. Carol Phillips Side-Bending Analysis

  9. Dr. Carol Phillips Inversion Technique

  10. Dr. Carol Phillips CranioSacral Synchronization

  11. Students learning how to work with a Toddler

  12. Dr. Carol Phillips Side-Bending Analysis

  13. DBB Workshop Level III Side-lying exercise

  14. DBB Workshop Standing Myofascial Release

  15. DBB Workshop Level II Supine Cranial Evaluation

  16. Dynamic Body Balancing CervicoCranial Release

  17. Evaluation of a Pregnant Woman at a Dynamic Body Balancing Workshop

  18. Fetal Palpation DBB Level III Workshop

  19. Craniosacral Therapy and Myofascial Unwinding (Dynamic Body Balancing) with with Baby Daniel

  20. Excerpts from a Dynamic Body Balancing Workshop Level I

  21. Two Pregnant Attendees working together at Level I Workshop

  22. Inversion Technique for Balancing the Pelvis, Uterus and Baby

  23. Ultrasound Research