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  21. Roubini: Climate change causing economic disaster

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  28. 14,833 drummers set record in India - Rough Cuts

  29. In a Galaxy far far away, Samsung finds record profits again - Tech Tonic

  30. In a Galaxy far far away, Samsung finds record profits again - Tech Tonic

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  37. Boehner's trail of tears - Rough Cuts

  38. Super Joe: Biden leaps from punchline to power player

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  43. Cliff averted (for now): Congress swerves away from the edge

  44. Still no deal as U.S. teeters on cliff edge

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  54. The politics of 2012

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  84. 12/12/12 Concert highlights: Rock legends take New York by storm for Sandy victims - Rough Cuts

  85. Fed's Bernanke: fiscal cliff already hurting U.S. economy

  86. "Fiscal cliff" already hampering U.S. economy: Bernanke - Rough Cuts

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  98. Jihad Jane: The order to kill - Reuters Investigates

  99. Jihad Jane: From abused child to American jihadist - Reuters Investigates

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