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AJ Best Pony (Yac Challenge)

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Uploaded on Feb 6, 2012

Challenge accepted.

So, now my second video, and this one in a genre that I have never attempted before. What is wrong with me? First I upload a video to the interwebs so people can see it, and now I'm not only updating with ANOTHER video, but it's a RAP, and a RESPONSE to a challenge? What the hell is wrong with me!?

Ah well, I have to admit that this was an absurdly hard, but wicked fun project to work on. I sat down and recorded what I had written at work, expecting it to only take about 20 minutes... and I just finished it after about 2 hours, and I STILL think there could be some recording/polishing on it. I guess you could call this a WIP, but I'm proud of it for now, so here it is.

One of my favorite artists in the Fandom who goes by Yelling At Cats, or YAC for short, put out a video recently putting the challenge out there to rap about their favorite pony. Now like I said above, I've never done one of these before, but I had to. Nodding and opening up my word document, I just kept working and reworking lyrics until I came up with something I was happy with. Then reworked them when I got the chance to try them at home and found that some of them didn't work, and this needed to get changed, and this could be easier...

Uh... I'm sure you have all stopped reading at this point, right? I think I'll just put my lyrics down at this point and call it a day,


Hooded pony on the track
Yes a new rapper approaches
Just let me sing my peace
No angry mobs, forks or torches

but this rap ain't about me
No, I'm gonna take a step back
This one's for my one and only
The one called Applejack

Everyone here rappin'
Bout Rainbow, pie or shy
But where would they all be
Without AJ's watchful eye?

The Element of honesty
Speaking only the truth
Pinkie's laughter's good and all
but some might find it uncooth (What's uncooth?)

Now Fluttershy, wait let me finish
I know how angry you might get
Actually I have nothing against her
Let's move on to the next set

The owner of generousity
The one fair Rarity
but the girl's a little uptight
A single speck of dust and she'll flee We have Dashes' Loyalty
To her friends she'll never betray
But c'mon Dashie really?
Because of you we have the day

The two they are so loud
The two they are so proud
But when the chips are down, and she is found as wrong
To the victor AJ will bow

Twilight uses magic? Please,
This filly, all she needs
Is the earth that she stands on
Some water and some seeds

Ok she has no horn
No powers nor any wing
But when her friends need it
Her wisdom does she bring

It appears my rap is ending
but there's one thing left to print
Want to know what that is?
Here's a little (Hint Hint)

I love im' all these ponies
It's hard to pick just one
But with Applejack on my mind
Like Luna said, double the fun!


Responses are welcome, and in fact encouraged. I didn't make the beat, YAC did, but the lyrics and performance were all mine. Anything I could do better?

Can't lie... I'd REALLY like a chance to work with YAC on an original song. It would be a great honor, so if there is anything, please, PLEASE, let me know!

In the Spirit of Laughter,
Hooded Yellow Pony

To YAC's Challenge: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KB3sAH...

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