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  1. Get Involved - Claudine Labelle-FitSpirit

  2. Get Involved - Amanda Belzowski - Amanda's Lemonade Stand

  3. Get Involved - Tonya Surman

  4. Blake Goldring -- GetInvolved Returns

  5. Geoff Cape -- Evergreen

  6. Diane McQauig - Camp Cucumber

  7. Laura Reinsborough - Not Far From The Tree

  8. Julia Moulden - GetInvolved Returns

  9. Eden Mills - A Carbon Neutral Village

  10. Seana O'Neill - Cottage Dreams

  11. Audrey Guth - Nanny Angel Network

  12. Ian Morton - Summerhill Group

  13. Ryan Hreljac - Ryan's Well

  14. HOAX Couture - Dare to Wear Love

  15. Partners in Art - GetInvolved Returns

  16. Joel Kirsh - Camp Oki

  17. Helen McFadyen - Service Dog Park

  18. Jeremy Rhodes - Elephant Thoughts

  19. Ron Nazon - United Smiles of Kensington

  20. The Florences - Three to Be

  21. Ranjana Mitra - Share-IT

  22. Dennis Harrison - Dingo Farms

  23. Rahul Singh - Global Medic

  24. ANTHONY BAILEY: Parkdale United Church

  25. BRIAN CROMBIE: Mississauga Summit



  28. LISA BORDEN: Borden Communications + Design

  29. CHERYL PERERA: OneChild


  31. AUDREY TOURNAY: Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

  32. MITRA MORZATAVI: Celebrate Courage

  33. ANIL PATEL: Timeraiser

  34. MARGARET COSHAN and CHRIS HALLETT: Community Matters

  35. NAZANIN AFSHIN-JAM: Stop Child Executions

  36. BRADY THRASHER: The Affected Campaign

  37. SHERBOURNE HEALTH BUS: Sister Georgette

  38. MICHAEL FURDYK: TakingITGlobal

  39. ROBERT TAJTI: Music! Not Mischief

  40. JOAN ROGERS: Hope Air

  41. TAL DEHTIAR: MBA Without Borders

  42. CAROLE HOLMES: 21st Century Grandmother Fighting AIDS

  43. RALPH COCHRANE: Battling MS One Mountain At A Time

  44. TOM OLSON: Restoring Bison To The Canadian Landscape

  45. ECHOage: Socially Responsible Birthday Parties

  46. CAROLYN LEMON: Opportunities for Intellectually Challenged Adults

  47. BILAAL RAJAN: Social Activist

  48. TZEPORAH BERMAN: Promoting Environmental Leadership

  49. DENNIS HARRISON: Farmer turned organic entrepreneur. GET INVOLVED!

  50. BLAKE GOLDRING: A business leader bridging the gap between civilian and soldier.

  51. SOCIAL VENTURE PARTNERS: Investing in social enterprise. GET INVOLVED!

  52. RACHAEL SMITH: Cancer Survivor created a not-for-profit to fight the disease.

  53. SEANA O'NEILL: Former media producer turned cancer support agent. GET INVOLVED!

  54. JEREMY RHODES: Providing equal educational opportunities to kids worldwide.

  55. ADWOA ADU: Master educator marries fashion and fair trade. GET INVOLVED!

  56. THE EISEN FAMILY: Adventurers turned fundraisers. GET INVOLVED!

  57. ROLF PALOHEIMO: Inventor turned accidental environmentalist. GET INVOLVED!

  58. QUINN RUNKLE: Public school activist turned environmental steward. GET INVOLVED!

  59. DAYLE HADDON: Former super model turned model citizen. GET INVOLVED!

  60. FRANKLAND PUBLIC SCHOOL: The public school that could. GET INVOLVED!

  61. ABBEY SIMBROW: Professional rider turned not-for-profit innovator. GET INVOLVED!

  62. AMANDA BELZOWSKI: 10-yr-old lemonade stand titan for a cause dear to her heart

  63. GERI BERHOLZ: Pizza slice by slice she helps kids realize their dreams

  64. RYAN HRELJAC: Ordinary kid, extraordinary impact. GET INVOLVED!

  65. JULIA MOULDEN: Writer / Coach for boomers in search of paycheck that counts

  66. KAY BLAIR: A survivor turned activist driving change. GET INVOLVED!

  67. MARK CUTRARA: A Top chef making an environmental statement. GET INVOLVED!

  68. DOROTHY CREASER: Social worker turned volunteer extraordinaire. GET INVOLVED!

  69. PAUL EDNEY: Author who challenges us to change the world! GET INVOLVED!

  70. PEGGIE PELOSI: Sales executive turned social awareness consultant. GET INVOLVED!

  71. PARTNERS IN ART: Philanthropists who are engaged in the projects they support.

  72. RANJANA MITRA: Social entrepreneur committed to saving lives and the environment

  73. TONYA SURMAN:'governance geek' turned facilitator of a social experiment.