1. The Somerset Barn Owl Project Ringing

  2. I gotta get me self one of these

  3. Dawn 18th May

  4. Audio Barn owl interview

  5. Marc Goes Horse Riding

  6. Beaver watching in Sweden

  7. Spotted Wood Pigeon

  8. The Day The Grey Squirrel Took Over The owl Box

  9. Butterflies trailcam test

  10. Somerset Barn Owl Project. The farmer that gave up a field.

  11. Spring 2013 finally starts in garden. Blue Tits inspect nest box April 2013

  12. Spring WBW

  13. Somerset Barn Owl Project 200th

  14. Shorties part 2

  15. Short eared test

  16. Little Owl Spring call (Work in progress)

  17. Short eared Owl watching on Mendip not so easy in a thick FOG!

  18. Exmoor Owl Box Project

  19. Green Hay process the final chapter now for the monitoring

  20. Green Hay Part 3 Spreading with a dung spreader

  21. Green Hay process to Shapwick Moor Part 2

  22. Green Hay Process Hawk and Owl Trust NR Shapwick Moor PT1

  23. Hawk and Owl Trust Yellow Rattle Collection for Shapwick Moor

  24. Beavers filmed as part of BBC Radio 4 Saving Species item I presented

  25. Foxes Canon EOS 7D in Awful light ISO2000

  26. The Olde tradition of ladder walking from the county of Somerset

  27. Mendip walk part 5

  28. Mendip walk part 4

  29. Mendip Walk part 3

  30. Mendip Walk Part 2

  31. A Walk on Mendip part 1

  32. Blackbird singing

  33. Goldfinch and Blackbird.WMV

  34. Wood Pigeon in the garden during a blizzard EOS 7D Video test

  35. Fred Domeloff Managing Director Cotleigh Brewery