1. Faith Evans "Ever Wonder"

  2. Sy Smith featuring Bilal "Over thought"

  3. Sy Smith "The Art of You"

  4. Sy Smith "Broke my heart"

  5. Faith Evans "Love can't hide"

  6. Faith Evans "Where we stand"

  7. Amel Larrieux "Weather"

  8. Faith Evans "Don't Cry"

  9. Patrice Rushen "Number One instrumental"

  10. Faith Evans "My First Love"

  11. Faith Evans "Lately I"

  12. Faith Evans "Heaven Only Knows"

  13. Jill Scott "How it make you feel?"

  14. Chocolate "Groove City"

  15. Macy Gray "Do Something"

  16. Groove Theory "Baby luv "(Remix)

  17. Luther Vandross "You're The Sweetest One"

  18. Earth, Wind, and Fire "Love's Holiday"

  19. Brandy "I'm Yours"

  20. Jhene "Pain"

  21. Faith Evans "Catching Feelings"

  22. Amel Larrieux "Make me whole'

  23. Faith Evans "Brand New Man"

  24. Kelly Price "Her"

  25. Faith Evans "Anything you need"

  26. Teedra Moses"Rescue me"

  27. Teedra Moses ft. Jada Kiss "You'll Never Find "

  28. Faith Evans ft.112 "Caramel Kisses"

  29. Brandy "Brokenhearted"

  30. Xscape "Softest place on Earth"

  31. Dru Hill "5 steps"

  32. Amel Larrieux "INI"

  33. Faith Evans "I don't need it"

  34. Destiny's Child "Now that she's gone"

  35. Destiny's Child featuring Next

  36. Imajin "Ever Again"

  37. Brandy "Sunny Day":)

  38. Tracie Spencer "Still in my heart"

  39. Jill Scott " The fact is (i need you)":)

  40. Jill Scott " Spring summer feeling":)

  41. Immature " I don't mind":)

  42. Anita Baker "Angel":)

  43. Patrice Rushen "Where there is love"

  44. Cece Peniston "Movin' on"

  45. Xscape "One of those love songs"

  46. Destiny's child "Temptation"

  47. Kutklose "I like"

  48. Kelly Price "Secret Love"