1. Tsunami Aftermath: Marine Debris

  2. NOAA National Weather Service Accurately Predicted Sandy's Path

  3. Habitat Restoration: An Economic Engine

  4. Shark Encounters of the NOAA Kind

  5. Restoring the Elwha

  6. NOAA VIDEO: Whale Disentanglement Network Teams

  7. Christening and Launch of the NOAA Ship Reuben Lasker - June 16, 2012

  8. NOAA Satellite Captures Venus Transit

  9. World Ocean Day

  10. NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer: Gulf of Mexico 2012, Deep-Sea Marine Life

  11. Charleston to Cape Town

  12. NPP: The Future of Earth Observations

  13. Assessing the Damage, Restoring the Coast

  14. Ongoing efforts to find and track subsurface oil in the Gulf of Mexico

  15. World Hydrography Day

  16. On board the NOAA Ship Thomas Jefferson

  17. Overview of NOAA's Role in Spill Response

  18. Earth Day 2010 NOAA Dives Coral Restoration Sites

  19. Alaska Fisheries Science Center Longline Survey

  20. Restoration of Magnolia Marsh, A NOAA Recovery Act Project

  21. Saltwater Registry: Part I

  22. Saltwater Fishing Registry

  23. NOAAs PORTS Helping to Power Marine Commerce

  24. Scientists Discover and Image Explosive Deep-Ocean Volcano

  25. ports_timelapse.mov

  26. kiosk-mpa.mov

  27. NOAA Staff Free Juvenile Whale in Hawaii

  28. NOAA Helps USS New York Clear Bridge

  29. Marine Debris

  30. Lionfish on the Loose

  31. Visit the National Ocean Service on YouTube

  32. Marine Sanctuaries

  33. [Private Video]

  34. National Ocean Service: In Our Changing World

  35. Mapping the Hudson Canyon -- Crucible of Life

  36. NOAA Titanic Expedition 2004: Breathtaking Wreck Footage

  37. La Nina

  38. NOAA 200th Celebration

  39. Pacific Giant Octopus in Olympic Coast

  40. Eagle Ray AUV

  41. Flapjack Devilfish in Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary

  42. Wolffish in the Stellwagen Bank Sanctuary

  43. Monkfish in the Stellwagen Bank Sanctuary

  44. Discovering Hidden Habitats: Monterey Bay Aquarium & NOAA

  45. Race To Save the White Abalone

  46. Submersible Dive Off Southern California

  47. Bite-Sized Science: Dual Polarization Technology

  48. That Weather Show - Ep. 2 - Dual Polarization Technology

  49. Habitat Restoration: An Economic Engine

  50. NOAA's Weather-Ready Nation: Be a Force of Nature!

  51. Putting Climate Science on a Stamp: The Making of a USPS ForeverĀ® Stamp