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  1. David Mayfield & Seth Avett sing Breath of Love

  2. Timothy Seth Avett as Darling - Carolyn Sells

  3. "untitled" # 1

  4. Jessica Lea Mayfield sings, There Is A Time, by The Dillards

  5. Seth Avett Sings, Miss A Lot Of Trains by Tom T. Hall

  6. 028 - Dave Rawlings Machine - "Ruby"

  7. Truth & Salvage Company Sing, Bad Times

  8. David Mayfield & Jessica Lea Mayfield sing, River Of Jordan

  9. Seth Avett sings, A Change Is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke

  10. Scott Avett sings, I Won't Give Up My Train, by Merle Haggard

  11. Gillian Welch - Hard Times

  12. Red Clay Halo - Gillian Welch & David Rawlings

  13. Gillian Welch & David Rawlings / Old Crow Medicine Show - The Weight

  14. Scott Avett sings, "Where have all the average people gone?" by Roger Miller

  15. Seth & Scott Avett sing, "ten thousand words"

  16. Scott & Seth Avett sing,"rollin' in my sweet baby's arms"

  17. Scott & Seth Avett sing, "Blue Ridge Mountain Blues" (written in 1924 by Cliff Hess)

  18. Seth Avett sings, I Flew Over Our House by Tom T. Hall

  19. The Avett Brothers,"Traveling Song"

  20. November Blue

  21. The Avett Brothers - Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise [HQ]

  22. The Avett Brothers The Ballad of Love and Hate w/lyrics

  23. Gillian Welch - The Way It Goes

  24. [Deleted Video]

  25. [Deleted Video]

  26. Truth & Salvage Company Sing, Bad Times

  27. [Deleted Video]

  28. 10,000 Words (Acoustic)

  29. Me and God-Avett Brothers

  30. Seth Avett sings "Lord" (by langhorne slim)

  31. Langhorne Slim - Hummingbird

  32. Seth Avett Sings, At The Lincoln Park Inn by Tom T. Hall

  33. "When I Drink"

  34. Seth Avett sings..."In The Curve"

  35. Seth Avett Sings "Rain on My Tin Roof"

  36. Me and God-Avett Brothers

  37. Scott Avett Sings, The New Love Song

  38. Scott Avett sings "Rambling Fever" by Merle Haggard

  39. Seth Avett Sings, Fish & Bird by Tom Waits

  40. John Gidding Tickles The Ivory

  41. The Avett Brothers Rehearse, Pretend Love

  42. Seth Avett Visits The Martin Factory In PA To Talk Shop (Song included)

  43. Seth Avett - "Pearly Gates" (Blind Willie McTell cover)

  44. Scott Avett Sings, One More Night by Bob Dylan

  45. The Avett Brothers: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

  46. Avett Brothers-Find my love

  47. The Avett Brothers & Bob Crawford Sing Closer Walk (with thee) In NYC

  48. David Mayfield & Rebekah Jean Sing, Dim Lights, Thick Smoke & Loud Loud Music

  49. Scott Avett Sings, One More Night by Bob Dylan

  50. The Avett Brothers perform "The Weight of Lies" - An Exclusive G&G Video

  51. Me and God-Avett Brothers

  52. The Avett Brothers - The Once And Future Carpenter

  53. The Avett Brothers Sing, A Father's First Spring

  54. The Avett Brothers: NPR Music Field Recordings

  55. Avett Brothers-Find my love

  56. "Through My Prayers" The Carpenter Commentary

  57. Life - The Avett Brothers

  58. Standing with You - The Avett Brothers

  59. Through My Prayers - The Avett Brothers "Cover"

  60. Life - The Avett Brothers

  61. Life - The Avett Brothers

  62. The Avett Brothers - Down With the Shine (Bing Lounge)