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~ Red Light; Episode 30.

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Published on Jun 15, 2012

The winter wind blew a strand of Selena's hair aside which she placed behind her ear before stopping in front of 'Burlesque' to work her shift, which she was already a tad late for. ''This is my stop.'' She said awkwardly, not knowing what else to say.
Nick chuckled at her attempt to make the silence disappear, his eyes sparkling into the winter air while the skies got dark again. ''I noticed.'' He spoke in a laughing voice before turning his eyes on Selena who was looking inside and saw someone familiar.

Her body stiffened at the sight of the person she knew before she looked back at Nick, who looked at her in confusion after noticing her body tensing. ''What's wrong?'' He asked her, his eyes showing concern.
Selena shook her head before she mumbled that nothing was wrong and that he shouldn't be worried, but her caring words didn't help Nick's feelings. ''Thank you for today.'' Selena said before she walked a few steps further and was about to step into an alley which had a door that led to the back of the club.

But before Selena could walk into the alley, she found Nick's hand around her arm again in a slightly stronger grip than a few minutes ago. ''Can you please promise me something?'' Nick asked in a whisper, his eyes looking the like eyes of a lost puppy.
Butterflies flew in Selena her stomach as she looked at his begging pout which he didn't know he was showing at the moment, it looked more adorable than a kitty that played with a little ball of wool.

Selena quickly nodded, not even knowing what Nick wanted her to promise but wanting to do it anyways, just because he had been friendly for more than a day and had made her laugh, which others could not do.
''Wait outside of the club after your shift.'' Nick started and pressed a small little card into Selena's hands.

Her auburn eyes examinated the small and square note in her hands, it was white paper and there stood numbers and words on it in a black color, at the bottom in the right corner stood a stethoscope in full color.
''If you get off earlier than the club closes, please call.'' He said while closing her hands, her feeling the corners pinch into her silky skin.

Selena's eyes showed clear confusion, she just did not understand why he was putting so much effort in helping her, in keeping her off the streets, it was a miracle to her.
Her head slowly bobbed as she locked gazes with Nick once again. ''Why?'' She dared to ask in a very soft whisper, only audible for Nick, if he listened very close.

''Because you're going to stay at my house tonight, again.'' Nick said while the glance in his eyes turned into a protective one. ''I don't want you wandering around and getting to know people who you shouldn't get acquainted with.'' He continued while Selena just stood there in shock, not getting any of it.
But even if she didn't get why he offered her his help, she just nodded and agreed with his rules. ''Okay.'' She whispered before getting out of Nick's grip and walking through the alley before walking into the back of the club.

Nick stood there watching Selena slowly become smaller until she opened a door and disappeared in it, taking the air out of Nick's lungs as he took of the small girl again.
How Selena made him breathless every time he saw her was a mystery to him, all he knew was that it happened.

It did not matter what she wore, it did not matter what kind of job she mentained, it did not matter how people called her.

Only she could make him think about his life, the way she countered his question before had made his mind started to think.
Was he truly happy, or was it all just an illusion that had been planted in his head by his parents?

Was he happy with the fact he was taking a whole other course that led him into the hospital instead of the charity world?
Was he happy with his parents chosing his relationships for him?
Was he happy that his friends, as Nick called them, were not welcome in his parents their house because they did not have the proper etiquette?

He did not know.


Last part of the marathon. Sad faces? :(
I don't think I'll upload another episode before tomorrow (maybe tomorrow though) I need to go and have some serious talk with this guy who thinks he's the king of playing games.

No random question this time... I've got nothing. You can think of your own random comments, can you? Do something creative, fun or just plain weird, LOL.

23+ for the next one? Lots of love, always. - Steph.

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