2. Donna&David Music Video - "Imagine" by John Lennon

  3. Brandon&Kelly Music Video - "Right Here" by Staind

  4. Kelly Gets Shot

  5. Kelly and Dylan are sneaking around on the beach

  6. Kelly freaks out while trapped in a house that's on fire

  7. It's Christmas time and the gang needs a Santa for an event

  8. Brandon and Valerie get carried away

  9. Clare shows up at Brandon's ..not wearing much at all

  10. Brandon and Dylan make a stop at Finley's

  11. David confesses to Kelly about his crash from the drugs

  12. Kelly and Dylan Music Video - "Maybe I'm Amazed"

  13. Beverly Hills 90210 Season 5 Credits

  14. Kelly and Brandon decide they do not want to marry eachother

  15. The gang wants Dylan to get help for his drug addiction

  16. Brandon's last night in the city (with Kelly)

  17. Brandon is forgiven by Kelly

  18. Kelly has doubts about Dylan and her's relationship

  19. Kelly, Brandon and his parents have a talk about Finley

  20. Kelly and Dylan have fun swimming together

  21. Kelly and Dylan have a fight

  22. Dylan chooses to see Kelly!

  23. Dylan and Kelly go shooting

  24. Dylan insists him and Kelly belong together

  25. A fantasy of Brenda 'killing' Dylan and Kelly

  26. Brandon talks to Kelly about the good times they've had

  27. Brandon asks Dylan what his intentions are with Kelly

  28. Kelly and Brandon take a walk in DC

  29. Kelly makes her decision of Dylan OR Brandon

  30. Kelly, Dylan & Brandon Music Video