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Published on Aug 2, 2011

This is very obsolete. If you still want to watch anyway, keep in mind this does not perform any humanly impossible techniques. A guide for humans.

SDA-Rules Time: ~ 1:40:26

I forgot the red tunic. I show it after Ganon fight.
Blue tunic is not needed for 100% category.

Frame Advanced until the Sahasrahla chests.

Then I started rerecording many times, always starting at each room. Sometimes I created one more point mostly during larger rooms, at which I rerecorded many more times---such as, after lighting the four torches to Lanmolas (and scattered many other places).

ADVICE to help players improve their play:

-- While going into places with long loading time and a wobble/wall-pump ability, position your hands to wallpump the fastest, such as before Ganon's Tower

LANDMARKS to help players improve their play:

6:39 Leading out of the graveyard, note Link's feet position.
7:18 Be at least 1 pixel north of the southernmost position.
9:06 Try holding the pot while pressing the button; probably still too difficult.
10:03 Press the easternmost side.
10:14 Have Link's top blur with the enemy, and his east cover the tile as such.
It's still RNG, though I think it's more likely to succeed than some believe.
10:55 Hold SW until the 2nd ledge is cleared. Then hold west.
Sahasrahla bombs: 125 frames.
11:30 It is be possible to skip these bombs. Here are the replacement bombs:
Palace of Darkness bridge, 15 frames.
Dark world graveyard, 40 frames.
Large room before Trinexx, 20 frames.
I THINK ONLY TWO OF THESE are needed! But one can be for security.
12:57 Accidentally didn't optimize the bush heart game, but it's generally OK.
13:18 I don't know how to analyze this guard's RNG at this time.
13:54 Note how the top of the dark plant portion is grazed here.
14:14 Same frames compared to dashing to DP, maybe easier/faster.
15:44 Press the button at its east side.
16:36 Stop your northern dash near the video's stopping position.
17:42 Be two squares above the cactus.
18:12 It's best to dash east _below_ the grass, which wasn't done here!
Grass and other such things tend to produce items that lag the game.
20:11 Don't get this heart until before Ether medallion.
20:35 Note the tiles before swinging sword.
22:12 You can get the heart in the pot below this one, because...
After each boss fight, hearts refill, and it takes 10 frames for each to refill.
24:21 Dash west here; you're less likely to accidentally dash near the ledge.
24:40 Get mushroom here! After MS, it's too difficult to dash east after.
26:56 I should have used arrows here! 14 is just enough for Agahnim's Tower.
Get arrows I didn't get, later on. It's faster than doing this slow Gold Knights.
27:56 Some RNGs, it's impossible to OHKO.
33:33 Get all rupees in the room, or most of them. I forgot about various buys.
34:15 Switch to mirror (two west presses!) while dashing west!
34:54 Push the statue east once aligned with the bottom of it.
35:35 Note how the turtle is moving south. 3 rooms later, it appears!!!
38:10 Open the menu when 1 flower remains south of you.
38:39 Dash west on top of the dark plant.
40:00 Imperfect digging game. Probably start digging 1 more north.
Make sure to have at least 700 rupees by the end of digging. If you don't...
Open chests in Kakariko Cave. 680 rupees = 1 chest. 660 = 2. 640 = 3.
The video is wrong. You'll see why at the Red Bomb house.
40:42 Align with the dirt as so.
40:49 Face west during the tight turn.
42:57 Wall pump madly. Throw the stone before the transition finishes!
43:01 Open the menu after passing the enemy at this position.
43:10 Select mushroom. Hold the item button while walking to the witch.
45:34 Crabs are the worst of all time. Dash west ASAP, generally.
Then throw the bomb after breaching the already opened cave.
46:16 Opening the bomb chest is the same frames as Sahasrahla's.
47:27 Make sure to have 110 rupees by the end of the chest game.
48:01 Note the north door's top-screen position after getting the Big Key.
50:13 You should get arrows here if you have 5 less than the video.
50:19 Very precise timing needed to hammer-dash here.
52:17 Walk along the dirt like this, even a few pixels more east than this.
54:31 It's a frame or two faster to poke these bushes... or so I've heard.
55:05 No talking technique here. Walk north.
56:05 Mirror-dash here.

YouTube doesn't allow timestamps past 59 minutes. So Good-Bye, Suckers.

If you have less than 11 arrows after Armos round 2, get the arrows chest.
11 Arrows Exactly: can't fire any arrows in any of the 6 rooms before Lanmolas.

Improvements not yet even in this video, below!

-- Don't get the top-of-death-mountain heart immediately!
Wait until en route to Ether Medallion.
This way you can glitch the Lake Hylia Heartpiece in a faster fashion.
(I will show in detail with a Video Response to this.)
-- In the Byrna cave, you can probably get away with cape-dashing west---at the northeastern-most section---and still have enough magic for Mire.

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