1. Deadlift 425 for 7 reps

  2. 545 deadlift

  3. 1st ever ring muscle up!!!!

  4. 530 deadlift. PR

  5. 585 rack pull

  6. 275 lbs overhead press. Pr

  7. Rope drills after a workout

  8. 500lbs. Deadlift

  9. 390 for 3

  10. A workout we put together on the spot

  11. The workout in did BeFORE the 550 dips

  12. 550 dips

  13. A different take on leg extension machine

  14. 465lbs deadlift at 184lbs.

  15. Some of my college and pro athletes doing some speed work

  16. 185lbs overhead strict press

  17. 275lbs. Front squat . Personal best for now

  18. 110lbs DB shrugs superset with face pulls

  19. Weighted pull up(80lbs) into drop set

  20. Hex bar deadlift

  21. Delts tri set

  22. Delta tri set

  23. Explosive barbell curls

  24. Event 1 the kick off!

  25. Event two of the throw down

  26. Event 3 of Sunday throw down

  27. Clash of the titans at Olympus training center

  28. Some fun in the sun at Olympus training center

  29. Muscle up personal best

  30. Rock climbing training ( frenchies)

  31. Another day of outside fun at olympus!

  32. Imajee rope rows

  33. Imaji plank rope pulls

  34. Imajee doing bicep 21's

  35. G spain plank rope pulls

  36. Rows with the battle rope

  37. G. Spain on rows with farmer handles

  38. Plank position rope pulls!

  39. Bicep sevens

  40. Rows with the battle rope

  41. Intro to the newest toy at olympus

  42. G. Spain. Farmer walks

  43. Garrick spain 315 zecher squat for reps

  44. Trap bar shrugs

  45. G.Spain 49 hitting the battle ropes

  46. New toys at Olympus!

  47. Overhead tricep extension

  48. Push up floor work remixed

  49. Can Samson do the impossible?

  50. Thor workout

  51. Thor workout

  52. Kettelbell race!

  53. pull ups hand walking superset with Kettelbell snatches 5 per arm

  54. 500lbs. tire flips!!!!!

  55. Another crossfit style workout from last week

  56. 1 rd of my crossfit style workout tonight

  57. dieselSC.com-strengthchallenge-pull ups

  58. explosive push ups on to a box.

  59. Some messing around floor work between my clients sets

  60. kettel bell floor work

  61. The lost file at Olympus *future*

  62. Some hand walking on the wall / Band face pulls

  63. AB WORK ball tosses into the wall

  64. AB work after my SUPERBOWL workout

  65. Alexis rack Single leg Kettelbell deadlifts

  66. THE FAST DON"T LIE!!!!!

  67. Wheel barrows at Olympus

  68. Alexis rack pro basketball player getting it at Olympus

  69. Big G 210lbs. with 90lbs strap to him

  70. PR on handstand push ups on the wall

  71. Tricep finisher combo

  72. laterla ladder push ups..AGAIN

  73. Some Ab work on the bar

  74. rapid Bench jumps for time

  75. THE WARM UP: LEG edition


  77. THE WARM UP: Band work for upper body

  78. Power Wheel Hand walks 50yrds!!!!!

  79. Fat gripz muscle ups!

  80. *Finisher* Walk kick ups

  81. Demo Rd. of todays workout! Kettelbell work

  82. Samson's Floor work

  83. some explosive push ups to finish off the day

  84. 90lb muscle up...MISS :(

  85. Stiff leg deadlift/shrug combo drop set!!!!!

  86. Once again training here is always a family event

  87. Jump squats

  88. Speed box jumps

  89. single leg hops through speed ladder