1. Laughs and lunches with rivals after long campaigns

  2. Graham: I think we're going over fiscal cliff

  3. Open: This is Face the Nation, December 2

  4. Sunday Passage: Bazooka bubblegum

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  6. Your genetic crystal ball

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  8. Morsi announces Egyptian vote on constitution

  9. North Korea to test long-range rocket

  10. What's behind the West Coast storms?

  11. Web extra: Thomas Jefferson and slavery

  12. Sen. Hatch: Obama's "fiscal cliff" plan a "bait and switch"

  13. Obama: GOP holding middle class tax cuts "hostage"

  14. Pastor Rick Warren: What Washington needs to do

  15. Little boy's Lego surprise

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  17. The one thing politicians can agree on: RG3

  18. THE Dish with Chef Thomas Keller

  19. Is compassion innate or learned?

  20. Travel suggestions for 2013

  21. Second Cup Cafe with the Piano Guys

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  23. New discovery on Mars

  24. Missouri family wins half of record Powerball Jackpot

  25. String of storms batters California

  26. Oil, gas pricing very volatile

  27. What are the consequences of the "fiscal cliff"?

  28. Politics of the "fiscal cliff"

  29. Clock ticking on "fiscal cliff" deal

  30. President Morsi's supporters rally in Egypt

  31. SCOTUS considers hearing Defense of Marriage Act

  32. On the Road: A second chance at life

  33. GOP slams Obama's fiscal cliff proposal

  34. Strike halts business at Port of L.A and Long Beach

  35. Egyptian constitution draft removes women equality clause

  36. WH stands ground in fiscal cliff negotiations

  37. Glen Campbell ending career following Alzheimer's diagnosis

  38. Mo. Powerball winners claim Jackpot prize

  39. "Pineapple Express" wreaks havoc in Calif.

  40. Duchess Kate visits her prep school, plays field hockey

  41. Zynga stops making exclusive Facebook games, stock plunges

  42. Food advertising's impact on obese children

  43. Rick Warren: "President Bush is a hero" to AIDS cause

  44. Watch: Officer runs into traffic, struck by van

  45. Inmate re-arrested less than an hour after release

  46. Sen. Graham calls Guantanamo prisoners "crazy bastards"

  47. Estrogen shown to have anti-aging effect on the brain

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  50. Dog protects missing toddler

  51. Delta and JetBlue drop Sandy re-booking fees for teachers

  52. Apple to build new headquarters in Santa Clara

  53. Cantor: WH "fiscal cliff" proposal "not a serious offer"

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  55. Bryan Adams on life as a celebrity photographer

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  58. Christmas tree business hit hard by drought, heat

  59. Francesca Eastwood named Miss Golden Globe 2013

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  61. Missouri Powerball ticket holder to come forward

  62. USGA's proposed ban would outlaw anchored putting

  63. Feherty jokes about his use of a long putter

  64. Study: Flu shot helps lower risk of heart attack and stroke

  65. Peter Greenberg on the Concorde ruling

  66. Continental not liable for 2000 Concorde crash: French court

  67. Ray Liotta returns to the mob world with Brad Pitt

  68. "48 Hours" preview: The Hunt for Mr. Wright

  69. Thomas Keller on finding success as a chef

  70. Generic Lipitor production halted, glass found in bottles

  71. Navy putting USS Enterprise to rest

  72. Mo. businessman hands out cash to Sandy victims

  73. Pres. George H. W. Bush in hospital, stable

  74. David Feherty on new putting rules in golf

  75. Baby, husky singing video goes viral

  76. Schieffer on averting the "fiscal cliff"

  77. Protests continue in Egypt as new constitution approved

  78. UN votes to recognize Palestinian state

  79. Powerball winner caught on tape?

  80. Obama presents "fiscal cliff" "opening bid," GOP "disappointed"

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  82. Headlines: U.S. birth rate drops to lowest level since 1920

  83. Africa's darkest secrets

  84. Remembering the USS Enterprise's greatest battle

  85. Small businesses and the fiscal cliff

  86. Final report in Leveson British media ethics inquiry released

  87. Earth's polar ice sheets melting at an increasing rate

  88. NYPD officer helps homeless man

  89. U.N. votes to recognize Palestine as a state

  90. West Coast bracing for series of storms

  91. Palestinians celebrate statehood recognition

  92. First look at Obama's "fiscal cliff" proposal

  93. Surprising surge in U.S. economic growth

  94. Romney joins Obama for private lunch at the White House

  95. Carney: Obama "has not made a decision" on nominating Rice

  96. Lottery officials wait for Powerball winners to come forward

  97. Germany's Christmas market

  98. Romney arrives at White House for lunch with Obama

  99. Preview: Three Generations of Punishment