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Most Corrupt Members of Congress - Melanie Sloan Answers Your Questions About the 2012 Report

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Published on Sep 12, 2012


CREW's eighth report on congressional corruption names 20 members of Congress -- 12 members who engaged in serious misconduct and 8 members whose misdeeds earned them a dishonorable mention. Most members on CREW's list violated the law and all flagrantly ignored the rules. For the majority, there have been few consequences.

There was no shortage of candidates for CREW's list this year, and 11 of the 20 members are joining it for the first time.



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    Congressional ethics investigators could soon be silenced - Melanie Sloan on AC360

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    Strategic Maneuvers - The Revolving Door from the Pentagon to the Private Sector

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    Melanie Sloan on Today discussing Jesse Jackson Jr.'s Campaign Spending Troubles

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    Melanie Sloan on Al Jazeera's Empire - "U.S. democracy: The power of money"

  21. Most Corrupt Members of Congress - Melanie Sloan Answers Your Questions About the 2012 Report

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    Melanie Sloan and Jennifer Granholm discuss fixing our election laws, Karl Rove and "issue ads"

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    Senator Sheldon Whitehouse Corrects the Record on the DISCLOSE Act

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    Senator Sheldon Whitehouse discusses the shadowy CHGO (Commission on Hope Growth and Opportunity)

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    Florida Republican Rep. Vern Buchanan Under Federal Investigation - AC360

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    Florida Congressman Vern Buchanan To Testify re Election $$ Scheme

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    The problems with prosecuting John Edwards - Melanie Sloan on The Dylan Ratigan Show

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    Sen. Frank Lautenberg Questions FCC on News Corp Broadcast Licenses

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    CREW Asks FCC to Revoke News Corp's Broadcast Licenses

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    Melanie Sloan on Hardball with Chris Matthews, Dissecting the John Edwards Case

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    Melanie Sloan on CNN Starting Point: Day 2 of Edwards Trial

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    Melanie Sloan Discussing the John Edwards Trial - CBS Sunday Morning

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    Melanie Sloan Discusses the John Edwards Trial on GMA

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    Family Affair - KTEK Houston Details Nepotism by Congressional Members from Texas

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    President Signs the STOCK Act to Ban Insider Trading in Congress (4/4/12)

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    Rep. Aaron Schock's Campaign Spending Gets Noticed by the Media

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    Nepotism - Congress Members Put Families on Payroll

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    Congressional Campaign Salaries - A Family Affair

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    The Role of the Federal Election Commission - Melanie Sloan Answers Questions on C-SPAN

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    What's Wrong with the Federal Election Commission? - Melanie Sloan

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    Money in Politics - President Obama's State of the Union Address 2012

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    How to sign the petition - FixtheFEC.org

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    Melanie Sloan Discusses Shelving of STOCK Act on AC360

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    The Clean Up Government Act of 2011 - House Committee Markup and Passage of H.R. 2572

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    Insider Trading in Congress - Anderson Cooper, Melanie Sloan and Others Discuss the STOCK Act

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    Insider Trading & Congressional Accountability - Melanie Sloan's testimony before the Senate

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    Big Money Donors' Influence on Elected Officials - Melanie Sloan on C-SPAN

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    Perks for Congress - KSDK, St. Louis Investigates

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    Voter Suppression Laws Appear Across the Country - Melanie Sloan w Al Sharpton

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    Congressional Transparency Caucus: Public Meeting 10.6.2011

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    Washington, DC Tax & Revenue Employee Scams Hundreds of Thousands

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    Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY): MG Security Services Testimonial video

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    John Edwards' Case should be dismissed - Today Show 9.21.2011

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    CREW's Most Corrupt 2011 - Melanie Sloan Q&A

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    Meet Rick Berman

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    Public Corruption Bill Passes Out of Senate Committee

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    Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner's Opening Statement on 'Clean Up Government Act of 2011'

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    Melanie Sloan and Al Sharpton discuss the Maxine Waters ethics investigation

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    Melanie Sloan discusses the News Corp. Phone Hacking Controversy with NBC Nightly News

  60. 75

    CREW files another ethics complaint against Senator David Vitter

  61. 76

    Vern Buchanan one of CREW's Most Corrupt. MSNBC's Cenk Uygur takes a look.

  62. 77

    What does a Congressman have to do to get fired around here? Melanie Sloan & Anderson Cooper

  63. 78

    John Conyers Exposes the Hollow Criticisms of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)

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    Newt Gingrich's non-profit tax troubles: Melanie Sloan & Anderson Cooper discuss on AC360

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    Fox DC asks Melanie Sloan about Anthony Weiner and Congressional Sex Scandals

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    The Disproportionate Reaction to the Anthony Weiner Scandal

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    Political Fallout from the Anthony Weiner Scandal - Melanie Sloan talks to NBC Nightly News

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    John Edwards Indicted: Melanie Sloan, Alan Dershowitz and Piers Morgan discuss the federal case

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    Melanie Sloan Discusses Ensign, Coburn on MSNBC (5/27/11)

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    Rachel Maddow on the FEC's role in Ensign Scandal - 5/16/11

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    Rachel Maddow and Melanie Sloan discuss the John Ensign sex scandal

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    Stephen Colbert files with the Federal Election Commission

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    Rep. Cummings Comments Regarding Proposed Draft Exec. Order

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    The John Ensign Report: Melanie Sloan & Lawrence O'Donnell discuss 5.13.2011

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    The Toils of Fundraising, as described by Former Senator Alan Simpson

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    Rep. Joe Barton on White House Transparency (5/3/11)

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    Anne Weismann Testifies on White House Transparency, Visitor Logs and Lobbyists (5/3/11)

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    Melanie Sloan re: Senator John Ensign's Resignation

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    Melanie Sloan Discusses the Institute for Liberty on Bloomberg TV (4/5/11)

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    Anne Weismann on Special Report with Bret Baier (3-16-11)

  81. 96

    A Message from Melanie Sloan re: CREW's IRS complaint against the American Action Network

  82. 97

    Sen. Tom Coburn Discusses CREW and For-Profit Education

  83. 98

    US Supreme Court rules corporations don't have "personal privacy" in FCC vs AT&T

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    Melanie Sloan Discusses Congressional Office Sleepers on the Today Show

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    Eric Cantor discussing Transparency in the 112th Congress, Hearings and Committee Process

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    Melanie Sloan discussing the Christine O'Donnell campaign finance investigation on The ED Show

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    Melanie Sloan Discusses the Federal Investigation of Christine O'Donnell on AC360

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    Melanie Sloan Discusses Ethics Questions on C-Span (3/10/2010)

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    Melanie Sloan on AC360 Discussing Spencer Bachus & the Financial Services Committee

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    A Holiday Message from CREW

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    Melanie Sloan Discusses Sen. John Ensign on Fox News 12/4/2010

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    The Censure of Rep. Charles Rangel

  93. 108

    The Censure of Charlie Rangel - Melanie Sloan Discusses w Anderson Cooper (AC360 12/2/2010)

  94. 109

    Charlie Rangel's Possible Censure. Melanie Sloan Discusses with NY1(11/19/10)

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    Earmark reform - Sen. Inhofe introduces commonsense earmark reform to the Senate floor

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    Melanie Sloan Discusses Charlie Rangel's Ethics Trial on AC360 (11/15/2010)

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    Melanie Sloan Discusses Rangel's Trial on NY1 - 11/14/2010

  98. 113

    [Deleted video]

  99. 114

    Melanie Sloan Discusses the OCE on CBS News (10/25/2010)

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