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  1. Love Under an AC Unit

  2. Wild Quaker Parrots "Rumble" in Brooklyn

  3. Marty Markowitz Discusses Wild Parrots of Brooklyn

  4. Quaker Parrots Evacuate Nest and Sound Alarm

  5. Gomez is a Very Good Boy

  6. Gomez Has a Lot to Say

  7. Gomez The Bell-Ringer

  8. Wet Pickle 3

  9. Wet Pickle 2

  10. quaker parrot playing ball

  11. Quaker 3

  12. Tsuki the Blue Quaker Parrot Enjoys Time Out

  13. Baby Quaker 1

  14. Quaker 2

  15. Supercallafagilistecexbeallidoshious

  16. Quaker Parrots Frolic in Freezing Cold

  17. Love Under an AC Unit

  18. Quaker Parrot Repels Starlings

  19. Gomez Unscrews His Swinging Perch

  20. Mark Bittner and Judy Irving in New York (3 Minute Excerpt)

  21. Quaker Parrot Repels Starlings

  22. Quaker Parrot Kirby does flips!

  23. quaker parrot playing ball

  24. quaker parrot or chicken dancing?

  25. Kiwi Tweezerbird Show

  26. Fatal Attraction

  27. Talking Quaker Parrot - Chickety China the Chinese Chicken

  28. Talking Quaker Parrot - The Quaker Song

  29. MY Quaker Parrot singing, If Your happy and you know it!

  30. Sparky the Master Builder

  31. Kiwi Tweezerbird Show

  32. Zeke-Bird building with Forks

  33. Sparky Builds His Dream House

  34. Quaker Parrots Frolic in Freezing Cold

  35. Quaker Parrot Repels Starlings

  36. Chorus of parakeets

  37. Sparky and Alexandra Build Their Nest

  38. Wild Quaker Parrots

  39. Peppy The Quaker Parrot talking up a storm

  40. Conversation with Quaker Parrot

  41. Boogie The Quaker Parrot Complains about Life

  42. Tucker The Quaker Parrot Sings Shake Your Booty

  43. Kiwi Tweezerbird Show

  44. HD 720 version of Parrots in the Power Grid

  45. Wild Quaker Parrots in the Power Grid-SD