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Convince your parents to let you travel abroad with NETC -- Lauren Gray and Grace Shen

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Uploaded on Nov 13, 2010

For those of you who don't know, this is our video that we made in response to the NETC Travel Scholarship prompt "how to convince your parents to let you travel abroad on an NETC tour."

You have no idea how much effort this video took to create, so we included a few fun facts so that you can get a sense of the amount of work we put into it.

Start Date: October 9th, 2010
End Date: November 13th, 2010
Total number of frames at 24 frames per second: 3,879 (admit it. That's a lot.)
Total hours spent on entire video: a little over 138 hours (That's almost 6 days going 24 hours a day)
Total number of layers used in the entire video: 216
Total scenes in video: 24
Scene with the most layers: Scene 20 (from "step 4: final step" to "the NETC Travel Scholarship!") with a grand total of 42 layers used.

Now you may think we're speaking abnormally fast, but there is a good reason for this: our time limit freaked us out and made us worry that our video would ultimately be too long. Thus, we made our scenes faster and spoke more quickly to keep up with the timeline.

Also, we recorded all the sound effects in our video ourselves. We practically moved into our temporary recording studio: Grace's guest room. As of right now, the room is covered in random objects such as plates, bubble wrap, rice, and piggy banks. We only really came out to get food.

Oh and did we mention that neither one of us knew how to use the animation program that we used (Adobe Flash)? Well yeah, it was an interesting learning experience. But by the end of our video, we were pros.

Another detail: We actually worked on a lot of the animation separately. We had spent 4 hours on Oct. 9th to draw up a storyboard. We then divided the work in half and downloaded the program onto our computers to work on separately. We had created all the people symbols together, however, so that the viewer wouldn't see any distinct changes in artistic drawing. We would work on our video during lunch at school, after school, and at home. When we finished all of that, we put our pieces together and fixed all the minor details. After figuring out what to say and timing our video as perfectly as possible to match our words, we began recording. Too bad it was about 1am when we started that. But don't worry. We finished at a totally normal time of 3am. (we kept messing up and we kept finding small mistakes in our video that had to be immediately changed. Sometimes, we even found entire scenes that needed to be created).

All in all, we had a ton of fun creating this video and learned more about video making than we had ever wanted to know.

And YES we know we spelled technical wrong... that was one of our many technical difficulties when making this video. After about 25 hours of straight working on this, letters seemed to blur together and we must have accidentally not pressed the N button. However, then our brains corrected it in our heads and so we never noticed until it was too late. Sooo sorry.

Thank you to everyone who watched our video! It means a lot that you took the time to watch this because every view counts. It's also impressive that you actually read this entire description. We commend you.

Thanks again!

Lauren and Grace

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