1. Spain joins 'the Group of Debt'

  2. Milestone Event: EurActiv Greece celebrates 1 year!

  3. EPEE: Moving towards a low carbon economy, Highlights

  4. EPEE: Moving towards a low carbon economy - Andrea Voigt, full interview

  5. EC presents plan for crisis banks

  6. Merkel, Barroso discuss banking union

  7. Putin pushes for visa deal, ignores EU pressure on Syria

  8. iPad Magician Unveils Green .EU

  9. HOT NEWS! .EU Domain Goes Green

  10. EU prepares for 'new stage' in economic union

  11. Hollande to push for eurbonds at EU Summit

  12. Nato launches European missile shield

  13. Water Efficiency: What Role for Infrastructure?

  14. Hollande to have first date with Merkel

  15. European FMs rule out a 'Grexit'

  16. SusChem: Full Interview, Steve Fletcher

  17. Van Rompuy calls EU Summit on May 23rd

  18. Greece: uncertainty grows as biggest party can't create coalition

  19. EHTEL Renewing Health Project

  20. Hollande to fight austerity after beating Sarkozy

  21. Climate & Health: Speech by Erik Boel, European Movement Denmark (Danish - raw video)

  22. Climate & Health: Erik Boel, President of European Movement Denmark - Interview

  23. Climate debate needs health focus - Health.Climate.Environment. conference

  24. 'Super Sunday' to decide fate of Europe

  25. EIF 2012 Dublin: The Irish Referendum - Yes to Europe

  26. EIF 2012 Dublin: A Political Union Now? - Towards a more integrated Europe.

  27. EIF 2012 Dublin: Is the European Welfare state doomed? - Ideas to move forward

  28. EIF 2012 Dublin: What did we learn from the crisis? - Ideas to move forward

  29. EIF 2012 Dublin: Leading Europe Beyond The Crisis - Highlights clip

  30. Ecofin highlights EU divisions on bank capital rules

  31. We believe in skilling European youth for the future, says Hyundai Vice President

  32. European Commission to boycott Euro 2012

  33. Skinspection - Edenext - Euroheat | Health. Environment. Climate. exhibit Copenhagen

  34. We are talking about youth without youth, says Euforia's Executive Director

  35. We believe in skilling European youth for the future, says Hyundai vice president

  36. EU should focus on strategic partnership with Russia, says Alexander Idrisov

  37. Corruption is a barrier for EU investment in Russia, says Belgian Minister

  38. Eurobonds could finance investment in Europe, says Belgian Minister

  39. Princess Marie of Denmark opens Health - Environment - Climate exhibit (Danish/English)

  40. Denmark wants climate-related health issues on EU agenda

  41. SusChem: Full Interview, Rudolf Strohmeier

  42. SusChem: Full Interview, Mike Pitts

  43. SusChem: Full Interview, Peter Jansens

  44. SusChem: Full Interview, Pierre Joris

  45. SusChem: Full Interview, Peter Nagler

  46. SusChem: Full Interview, Dr. Klaus H. Sommer

  47. SusChem: Partnering for Sustainable Innovation Through Chemistry

  48. EU seeks wider access to sustainable energy, calls on private sector

  49. Outrage over Greek plan to blow 30 mln euro on elections

  50. Spain denies bailout talks

  51. Benefits of Biotechnology - EuropaBio Benefits Event in Brussels

  52. EU Renewables Strategy: How can policy and industry shape strategy for the decades ahead?

  53. European Citizens' Initiative: time to act!

  54. Šefčovič on European Citizens Initiative launch

  55. EU, from April 1, will allow citizens to propose laws

  56. EU's Geoghegan-Quinn sees great potential in bio-economy

  57. Is innovation always good? ESF-STOA conference asks

  58. How will the financial crisis impact innovation? ESF-STOA conference asks

  59. Does innovation lead to inequalities? ESF-STOA conference asks

  60. Do we really understand innovation? ESF-STOA conference asks

  61. EU's Dalli: Biotech future 'assured' if public expectations are met

  62. EU to launch cyber crime agency

  63. Nanotech: What future for nano in Europe?

  64. Obama won't be re-elected, says Tim Pawlenty

  65. Extremism might spread out in Libya, says former Libyan PM

  66. Putin is the answer to Israel-Iran war, says Harvard professor

  67. Polish Minister criticises Van Rompuy's election

  68. NATO will not intervene in Syria, says Rasmussen

  69. World Water Day 2012 - Water Stewardship EurActiv Workshop

  70. European Citizens' Initiatives: on the starting line

  71. Spain, France oppose EU ban on fisheries discards

  72. RESCUE - Heide Hackmann

  73. Euro Monitor: Which countries are best placed to exit the crisis?

  74. MEP's condemn anti-inmigration PVV website, Sarkozy

  75. Will 2012 be another turning point in European history?

  76. With Greek rescue approved, Eurozone focus shifts to Spain

  77. EU wants tougher rules on confiscating criminal profits

  78. Fluorinated Gases: Phase-Out of Phase-Down? - EurActiv Workshop

  79. Commission pulls plug on 'racist', 'sexist' propaganda video

  80. ECB keeps rates unchanged, sees 'upside' inflation risk in 2012

  81. Czech PM addresses Obama at Prague EU-US summit

  82. EU wants 'right to be forgotten'

  83. EU presents e-petition project

  84. RESCUE - John Crowley

  85. RESCUE - Jill Jager

  86. RESCUE - Martin Hynes

  87. RESCUE - Karen O'Brien

  88. RESCUE - Leen Hordijk

  89. RESCUE - Patrick Monfray

  90. RESCUE - Kevin Leyden

  91. RESCUE project outlines science challenges in sustainability

  92. Boardrooms need quota for women, says EU's Reding

  93. EU tells Russia to address Presidential election "shortcomings"

  94. EU Heads of State sign new Fiscal Treaty

  95. EU fiscal pact proves euro is irreversible, say Barroso and Van Rompuy

  96. Herman Van Rompuy Re-Elected as President of the European Council

  97. RESCUE - Responses to Environmental and Societal Challenges for our Unstable Earth

  98. RESCUE - Responses to Environmental and Societal Challenges for our Unstable Earth

  99. No link between Serbia's candidate status and Romania's Schengen bid, says Van Rompuy