1. Spectacular mid-air collision at SWMAC

  2. Chasing streamer with AXN

  3. Doc Flys His AXN

  4. Ron Bombs The SWMAC Guys With Eggs

  5. Xjet Flys AXN in strong cross wind

  6. Saturday at SWMAC. AXN Limbo

  7. SWMAC Mid Week And Anzac Day

  8. SWMAC Sunday. Rod Crashes AXN Into Jet Pilot

  9. Xjet crashes AXN

  10. Another AXN joins the ranks of SWMAC

  11. Another weekend flying at SWMAC

  12. Bantam landing in a strong cross wind at SWMAC

  13. Tiger Moth SWMAC

  14. FPV Flight Saturday at SWMAC Testing FPV gear NO AUDIO

  15. Sunday at SWMAC Doc crashes his AXN

  16. Sunday Flying At SWMAC

  17. Sunday SWMAC

  18. Saturday at SWMAC

  19. Gyro Copter At Swmac

  20. Xjet Flies Extra 50cc

  21. Xjet Crashes Super Sport

  22. Kart Action From Tokoroa

  23. Rc Plane lands heavily

  24. Rc Plane Catches Fire

  25. MX2 Rebuilt after servo failure

  26. HobbyKing Messerschmitt Bf 109 Maiden Flight

  27. Sunday Flying

  28. Katana Maiden Flight

  29. Brent flys his Sbach

  30. Brent flys his calmato trainer

  31. Xjet Brent Richard flying there AXN,s in very windy conditions

  32. Richard flys AT40

  33. Xjet crashes into drain

  34. How to keep your hat on flying rc planes in windy conditions

  35. Richard and his Sky Raider

  36. Neil maidens his AXN

  37. Some fun at the field on Sunday

  38. Friday at Tokoroa airfield

  39. Xjet AXN Collision

  40. Saturday 26 at Tokoroa Airfield

  41. Neil makes some adjustments on his chopper

  42. Xjet with Graeme on the buddy box flying the AXN

  43. Hangar 9 Spitfire

  44. Xjet flys the AXN

  45. Axn Floater With 3500kv motor

  46. Sunny day at the airfield

  47. HD Wing Camera on AXN Floater

  48. Egmont pops ballon behind Lance while Lance is flying FPV

  49. Sbach 342

  50. Brent Fly,s MX2

  51. Egmont flies his trainer on a warm winter,s day

  52. Xjet trying to pop ballons on lances new octo copter

  53. Barry's New Plane

  54. Neil crashes another chopper.

  55. Xjet flying AXN in cross wind

  56. Xjet crashes AXN floater into tower

  57. Sbach maiden flight

  58. Sbach Maiden flight

  59. Sbach landing

  60. AXN Floater