1. Bank account

  2. How to open mangoes teen

  3. Thai Number from 100-1000000

  4. Number ( what you have to becareful)

  5. Thai Number 11-91.

  6. Drill Tone Mark

  7. Practicing how to say Mid Class,High Class and Low Class.

  8. Similar Alphabet different sound.

  9. Same alphabet different sound.

  10. Vegetable market

  11. Fruit at the Market

  12. Thai vowel short vowel and long vowel

  13. My trip with the lovely and sweet song :)

  14. want / want to / have (the sentence mistake often)

  15. Vocab for the drinking part with picture.

  16. Vocab for drinking part with phonetic.

  17. How To Say Like And Don't Like in Thai.

  18. How are you doing?

  19. basic greeting vocab

  20. How to say each time in Thai.

  21. Grammar in Thai "pen"

  22. The day of a week in Thai

  23. the month of a year.

  24. learn to sing

  25. How to say month in Thai.

  26. Thai vowel

  27. class interview with my student.

  28. Thai Gramar "This" and "That"

  29. How to write middle class in Thai

  30. Thai Middle Class have 9

  31. Thai Gramar "Pen"

  32. Greeting basic in Thai

  33. drill tone mark

  34. learn thai with khru lah