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  1. MH370 disaster prompts tracking demands

  2. Spain searches for the perfect shoe

  3. Spain supercomputer advances research

  4. 'The Internet of things'

  5. Merkel calls for separate EU internet

  6. Technology overrides human body's limitations

  7. Tech developers optimistic about 2014

  8. China unveils world's most powerful computer

  9. Calls for phone makers to combat thieves

  10. Early Apple computer to be auctioned

  11. South Korea says North behind cyber-attacks

  12. From cyber crime to war crime

  13. Crowdfunded smartwatch launch raised $10m

  14. Predicting the newest digital technology

  15. ITU Dubai: Internet regulation in focus

  16. A decade of digital advances - 31 Dec 09

  17. Wikipedia celebrates 10 years online

  18. Twitter: leading the communications revolution

  19. Japan sees rise in console social games

  20. Trains operators get hacking warning

  21. Technology coming up in 2012

  22. Web addresses up for sale

  23. Researchers unveil new nano-data technology

  24. Google to launch controversial privacy settings

  25. Instant messaging threatens email use

  26. Apple seeks to define card-free commerce

  27. Iranians fear censorship in intranet launch

  28. Competition and big spending for new domain names

  29. Social media analyst: Internet censorship is a grave concern