1. UNICEF: Pneumonia vaccine fights top killer of children in Rwanda

  2. UNICEF: oneminutesjr.- On the Last Drop

  3. MDG summit events close with a call to action on helping the most vulnerable

  4. MDG summit events seeks progress for all, including the most vulnerable

  5. On day two, events at MDG summit spotlight HIV/AIDS, nutrition, partnerships - and equity

  6. UN Millennium Development Goals summit kicks off with events on education and child survival

  7. Nigeria — "The sky is my limit"

  8. UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Yuna Kim takes a stand for peace and development

  9. UNICEF: In Kenya, women take the lead in water provision and management

  10. Partners in Côte d'Ivoire work to reach thousands with safe water

  11. UNICEF: Women spearhead water and sanitation progress in Burkina Faso

  12. Ethiopia — When the rain doesn't fall

  13. UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow appeals for Pakistan flood relief

  14. UNICEF: Unique education in emergencies fund reaches out to the most vulnerable

  15. UNICEF: In Pakistan's flood-devastated Sindh province, female health workers play key role

  16. UNICEF: In post-earthquake era, Haiti's youth ready to act

  17. UNICEF: 'Alarming' malnutrition levels in Lao PDR

  18. UNICEF: A new school year brings normalcy, but challenges, in Kyrgyzstan

  19. UNICEF Executive Board wraps productive session with approval of forward-looking measures

  20. UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Yuna Kim: A champion for youth and development

  21. UNICEF supports emergency education for children displaced by floods in Pakistan

  22. Making progress towards the Millennium Development Goals in South Asia

  23. Executive Board extends UNICEF partnership with Rotary International to eradicate polio

  24. UNICEF: oneminutesjr.- New Student from Germany

  25. Challenges facing children in Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States

  26. UNICEF Executive Board President's opening statement at Executive Board session

  27. Executive Director's opening statement at UNICEF Executive Board meeting

  28. UNICEF Executive Director announces results of new 'Progress for Children' report

  29. UNICEF Somalia country programme faces, and overcomes, multiple challenges

  30. 'Progress for Children' report sheds new light on achieving Millennium Development Goals

  31. UNICEF: oneminutesjr. - Jerrycan

  32. UNICEF and World Food Programme chiefs visit Pakistan's flood-stricken Punjab province

  33. Cash transfer programme helps the poorest families in Malawi survive

  34. UNICEF Executive Director visits Pakistan's flood-stricken Charsadda district

  35. Christine's story: Escaping poverty through education in post-earthquake Haiti

  36. Defying the pressure to marry young in India

  37. UNICEF and European Commission support drive to end female genital cutting in Senegal

  38. In Sudan, Saleema campaign re-frames debates about female genital cutting

  39. In Panama, Casa Esperanza helps children become students and leaders

  40. Chile seis meses tras el seísmo

  41. Safe water saves lives in Angola

  42. Chile's earthquake: six months on

  43. On International Youth Day in Madagascar, film screening gives young people a forum for debate

  44. UNICEF: oneminutesjr.- A Child's Nightmare

  45. A View of the Millennium Development Goals

  46. UNICEF-supported child-friendly schools bring education to rural Ghana

  47. Éthiopie, des jeunes femmes mènent le combat contre l'excision

  48. UNICEF and MTV - PSA for Pakistan Flood Victims

  49. UNICEF - Floods leave millions of children at risk in Pakistan

  50. UNICEF PSA - Pakistan floods leave millions of children at risk

  51. Au Soudan, Saleema campagne débats re-cadres aux mutilations génitales féminines

  52. In Sudan, Saleema campaign re-frames debates about female genital cutting

  53. In Pakistan's Punjab province, millions are devastated and thousands living in camps

  54. UNICEF Regional Director for South Asia visits relief camps in Pakistan

  55. UNICEF: oneminutesjr.- Better With Water

  56. Urgent scale-up of interventions are urgently needed in flood-affected Pakistan

  57. National plan for the promotion of water and sanitation under way in Mali

  58. Scale of Pakistan flood crisis unimaginable

  59. Education reaches girls at a child-friendly school in rural Egypt

  60. Life skills courses brighten the future for Syrian Arab Republic's refugees

  61. East Jerusalem's young people find inspiration in new programmes

  62. UNICEF: theoneminutesjr. - Greetings from Kosovo

  63. UNICEF emergency aid arrives in Pakistan amidst continuing flood crisis

  64. At New York launch, International Year of Youth kicks off with a diversity of voices

  65. Schools in Southern Sudan offer new hope to children affected by war

  66. David's story: Life and learning at a child-friendly school in rural Nicaragua

  67. Alongside Syrian health workers, UNICEF battles varied causes of malnutrition

  68. Flood-affected women and children in north-western Pakistan urgently need life-saving aid

  69. La historia de David: una escuela acogedora para la infancia en una zona rural de Nicaragua

  70. A campaign to promote exclusive breastfeeding makes strides in rural Niger

  71. With free birth registration, Angola promotes a child's right to legal identity

  72. In rural Ethiopia, health extension workers bring care home to new mothers

  73. UNICEF: oneminutesjr. - Raising Awareness

  74. UNICEF and partners respond as food crisis in Niger reaches a critical level

  75. UNICEF-supported programmes help families living with HIV in Angola

  76. World Breastfeeding Week highlights the role of health professionals

  77. المدارس الملائمة للأطفال توفّر التعليم للفتيات

  78. UNICEF: oneminutesjr. - Comparison

  79. Free, universal health care rolls out for mothers and children in Sierra Leone

  80. Child-friendly schools make a progressive leap in Cambodia

  81. UNICEF: oneminutesjr. - My Life My Strength

  82. Vaccination campaign conducted in response to resurgence of measles in Zambia

  83. Sergio Ramos visita con UNICEF a los niños de Senegal

  84. FIFA World Cup 2010 champion Sergio Ramos of Spain inspires children in Senegal

  85. Sergio Ramos visita con UNICEF a los niños de Senegal

  86. African Youth Forum issues call to action for leaders at Uganda summit (Arabic)

  87. FIFA World Cup 2010 champion Sergio Ramos of Spain inspires children in Senegal

  88. 'Letter to a friend' campaign promotes healthy pregnancies in Indonesia

  89. Visita de Lionel Messi con UNICEF a Haití

  90. UNICEF supports efforts to end sexual harassment of girls and women in Bangladesh

  91. African Youth Forum issues call to action for leaders at Uganda summit

  92. UNICEF releases report on children affected by HIV in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

  93. UNICEF: 'Catch My Fall', a short film about adolescents affected by HIV in Ukraine

  94. UNICEF: Goodwill Ambassador Lionel 'Leo' Messi visits earthquake-ravaged Haiti

  95. UNICEF: Free primary education in Liberia

  96. UNICEF: Children still threatened by severe malnutrition in Madagascar

  97. UNICEF: New child-friendly schools bring hope to Sri Lanka

  98. UNICEF: A multi-ethnic, child-friendly school brings out best of children in Bosnia

  99. UNICEF: Free primary education in Liberia