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    Constituent Services

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    Interview on the "Live with Lori: Political Food for Thought" program

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    Rules Committee: Keep Your Health Plan Act

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    CBS ObamaCare Resulting In Dropped Coverage And Higher Premiums

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    Webster Manages Water Infrastructure Jobs Bill

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    Webster Introduces WRRDA Bill

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    Webster Discusses Vote to to Reopen Government and Avoid Default with WORL Radio

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    Webster Discusses Vote to Reopen Government and Avoid Default with WFLA's Bud Hedinger

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    Webster Discusses Vote to Reopen Government and Avoid Default with Fox 35

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    Webster: "No Special Treatment" for Congress or the President

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    Webster Highlights Working Families Flexibility Act

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    Webster Testifies on his Prioritize Spending Act

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    Webster Supports the "Require A Plan Act"

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    Webster Returns $360,000 from his Office Budget to Taxpayers

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    A Story of Just One of America's Family-Owned Small Businesses

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    Rules Committee Hearing on Tax Reform

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    Webster on Highway Bill, Student Loan Rates and Flood Insurance Program

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    Webster Discusses Amendment to Hold Washington Accountabile for Delays at the Orlando VA Hospital

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    Webster Gives a Happy 237th Birthday Shout-Out to the U.S. Army

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    Webster Injects Greater Accountability for Completion of Orlando VA Hospital

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    Webster Introduces Winning YouCut Initiative to Cut the American Community Survey

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    Webster Asks: "What Would You Cut?"

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    Webster Holds Silver Spring Town Hall Meeting

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    Webster Calls for Transportation Extension to Secure Thousands of Projects and Jobs

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    Webster Calls for transparency & commonsense reforms to the FCC

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    Webster Launches Smartphone App

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    Webster discusses the need for a solution to costly duplication

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    Webster Kicks-off Small Business Job Creation Tour, Highlights the ONE Act

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    Webster Calls for Federal Government Savings through Consolidating and Selling Unneeded Property

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    Webster leads debate on bill to reduce bloated, inefficient, federal bureaucracy

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    Webster Opposes Pay Raise for Congress

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    Webster discusses cuts to his office budget with CNN's Soledad O'Brien

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    Webster Returns Nearly Half a Million Dollars to Hardworking Taxpayers

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    Daniel Webster (FL-08) Reponds to the President's State of the Union Address

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    Rep. Webster Rolls Back Own Pay; Delivers Check to Department of Treasury

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    Webster Stands Up for Small Businesses in Payroll Tax Debate

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    Rep. Webster Blasts Senate for Creating New Uncertainty for Small Businesses

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    Rep. Webster Statement on Farm Dust Regulation Prevention Act

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    Rep. Webster Discusses Recent Unemployment Numbers and House Jobs Plan

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    Rep. Webster Advocates Passage of a Balanced Budget Amendment

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    Rep. Webster sits down with Good Day Orlando 10.18.11

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    Pastor Creel from Orlando serves as Guest Chaplain to the House Floor

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    Webster responds after the Joint Session of Congress and discusses jobs

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    Rep. Webster on restoring fiscal responsibility to Washington

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    Rep. Webster Discusses Job Creation

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    Rep. Webster discusses passage of Budget Control Act 8/3/11

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    Rep. Webster urges the Senate to act on Debt Ceiling

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    Rep. Webster Supports Budget Control Act

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    Representatives use Twitter during Debt Ceiling debate.

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    Rep. Webster discusses Prioritize Spending Act

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    Rep. Webster on Cut, Cap, and Balance Act

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    Rep. Webster Introduces the Prioritize Spending Act

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    Rep. Webster on New EPA Regs Impacting Central Florida

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    Rep. Webster serves as Speaker Pro Tempore 6/14/11

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    Rep. Webster intruducing the Rule for Veterans Affairs bill

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    5/25/11 Rep. Webster presides over the House floor

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    Rep. Webster's Commitment to Central Floridians

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    Rep. Webster Discusses Spigot of Spending Meetings 5/19/11

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    Rep. Webster on MyFox Orlando at 10pm April 26, 2011

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    April 27, 2011 Rep. Webster on Fox 35 Good Day

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    Rep. Webster Welcomes Viewers to his YouTube Channel

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    Rep Webster FAA Extension Rule

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    Webster on Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano

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    Webster on Fox and Friends

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    1 6 11 Webster in Speaker's Chair